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Saanvi Thakur, Managing Editor, Senior Arts and Culture Editor

Saanvi is currently a junior and this is her second year on The Epitaph. She is the Managing editor as well as the Senior Arts and Culture editor this year. Besides being a student journalist, Saanvi works for Sunrise Movement, a youth climate justice organization. She also likes to ride horses, swim in the ocean, kickbox at her gym, play her guitar and make art. Saanvi is currently working towards a career in the Army as a military journalist and but is also looking forward to an amazing year in The Epitaph.

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A Year With COVID-19

A Year With COVID-19

March 13, 2021
 The unexpected events of 2020 serve as a reminder that phrases like “new year, new me” cannot determine the outcome of a year and it is important to adapt

New year, same me

February 15, 2021
“The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez,” a true crime documentary series released as a six-part miniseries on Netflix on Feb. 26, explores the horrific events of Gabriel’s murder and abuse and puts to question the numerous systems that allowed Gabriel to slip through its fingers to his death.

Justice for Gabriel

March 22, 2020
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