Letter to the editor: Response to “Tutorial enforcement to be tightened”

Dear Editor,

After reading through your article on mandatory tutorial enforcement, I have identified various weaknesses with the plan detailed.

1. Instituting the aforementioned plan would cause extreme network stress, further damaging our already weak school network. As a student who is somewhat knowledgeable about networks, I feel as though the greatly increased use of the to the school network by the scanners pinging the main server will basically crash the school network, provided how unstable it already is.

It is already hard for students to connect on their phones or computers to the school network, and by adding all of these scanners, the bandwidth used will definitely destroy the current network setup. Additionally, the fact that the entire network is stretched thin across all of the FUHSD schools will basically reduce the net bandwidth available to students on campus, making student life very difficult.

2. There are rumors that since the current ID cards offered to students do not have magnetic strips, teachers will have to use handheld scanners to scan each student individually.

This becomes a problem for classrooms that plan to have a lot of students in one session of tutorial, such as math. If there is a test coming up in the next period for math, a lot of students will flock to math tutorial in order to complete some last minute studying. But if students have to line up in a single file line and have to be scanned one at a time, the entire process may take up to 15 to 20 minutes. This is counterproductive to the overall goal of increasing “academic time”.

– Anonymous Student