New to the neighborhood: Academic Center Specialist Alessandro Stavoli

By Aditya Sampath

ne of the most noticeable staff changes on campus this year is in the new head of the the Academic Center, Alessandro Stavoli. The role was previously filled by Jessica Kirby, who has become a full-time teacher in the special education and English Departments this year.

Before coming to Homestead, Stavoli studied at San Jose State. He was also an athletic trainer at several schools in the Bay Area.

As the academic center director, Stavoli helps ensure the success of kids falling behind by training Academic Center student tutors and staging direct interventions with teachers.

“[The Academic Center] is a good opportunity to give help to kids who need it,” Stavoli said.

Stavoli elaborated on becoming a student tutor, saying that the process included two to three training sessions, shadowing existing student tutor groups and a mock tutoring session presented in front of him. He plans to expand the Academic Center into new subjects, and is excited to work with the kids this year.

Stavoli is excited to start a new career path and transition into a new environment where he can be more involved in young people’s lives.

Stavoli advises students to “be proactive and look for what you need […] it’s easy to get lost in the cracks.”