AVID’s annual family night guides parents and students

Presentations to further the path toward college


Photo by Anze Hao

AVID’s annual family night introduces parents to the framework of the program

By Anze Hao

Family Night is an event where AVID students walk their parents through the path of AVID, what it is and how the program is run. Family Night took place on Oct. 19, with freshmen and sophomores presenting in the cafeteria while juniors and seniors in the Student Center.

Underclassmen focused their points on the structure of the AVID classes and the A to G requirements while the upperclassmen presented mainly on standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT as well as college applications. After the presentations, each class took questions from other students as well as parents.

Students and the advisers think that this meeting allows AVID parents to better understand their role in the students’ path to college.

“It’s [an] event where the students and parents come together to…have a better understanding on what they’re supposed to do,” senior Amado Aguirre, describe his role said.

These AVID Family Night presentations were also made by the students themselves, each slide or group of slides being split among students.

“The teachers provide a framework of the [presenting subject],” sophomore AVID adviser James Ratti said. “We give time for students in class to create the presentation and they do it a hundred percent.”

Freshmen AVID students retained a lot of information and helped themselves better understand of their role in the class and their classmates’ roles.

“I’ve never really presented [to] a group this big.t was just kind of nerve-wracking…but it was really interesting hearing different people’s point of views,” freshman Erica Villegas said.

The presenters were proud of their  presentations.

“You can find all the detailed information on [the powerpoint] once it’s sent out by [the advisers],” junior Jose Amador said. “It provides useful information, especially on the tests.”

While the attendance was high in the underclassmen venues, the upperclassmen presentations attendence has decreased compared to previous years.

“There was a lot lower attendance this year and [we] tried to get the presentations to go faster, because parents are stressed out about getting their children back to do homework,” senior AVID adviser Shawnee Rivera said.

For the next half of the year, AVID advisers all hope for the best for their students and look forward to guiding them toward sucess.

“[I hope] that they get everything done, that their grades all soar to the four-point-oh, that they have no zeros, and that they are successful so that when they get to college, it won’t be such a steep learning curve,” Rivera said.