New at K2: A Profile

A closer look with Homestead’s new physics teacher


Photo by Manfred Lau

Ms Shreve in front of her handwritten kinematic equations

By Manfred Lau


hysics teacher Kathleen Shreve was welcomed to the HHS community this year, teaching to a host of sophomores, juniors and seniors at HHS.

“Homestead students are incredibly driven, and have a lot of creative ideas,” Shreve said. “They just need someone to point them in the right direction.”

For Shreve, this means experiencing the curriculum, not just hearing it. Physics involves mathematical calculations, and also interaction with the environment.

“[There’s] definitely an emphasis on project-based learning,” Shreve said. “My belief is that physics is something you kind of have to do … listening to a dry lecture is the fastest way to fall asleep.”

Shreve finds a way to put her own spin on topics.

“I like to put a lot of personality into [my lessons],” Shreve said. “I inject little things about myself, jokes that, if you’re listening, you get them.”

These can include anecdotes, miscellaneous examples and scientific puns, she said.

“Her lectures are engaging and I feel invested in the material,” Shreve’s student and senior Chris Hasegawa said.

Like all HHS teachers, Shreve strives to connect with her students.

“What I love about physics is that it’s a way of explaining the world, in a mathematical way,” Shreve said.

Still, explanations can be tough.

“There’s so many things that you listen to, you read about, and you go, ‘okay, that’s weird, is that possible?’” Shreve said.

Shreve earned her Master’s in teaching at the University of San Francisco, before moving to HHS after teaching in the city.

“I got to see the campus, it was an amazing community … I definitely wanted to be here,” Shreve said.

She’s hit the ground running, with support from rest of the HHS staff.

“We’ve really appreciated her enthusiasm, she’s definitely stood out as a positive and energetic person,” Principal Greg Giglio said. “[She’s] a good addition to our team.”

Students and teachers alike are looking to see what Ms. Shreve has in store for the upcoming school year.