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Another typical horror film hits millions in box office

Happy Death Day brings mindless fun on Friday the thirteenth

By Luka Maeda

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Stuck up sorority girls and generic Hollywood humor litter in director Christopher B. Landon’s recent work, “Happy Death Day.”

Image courtesy of Happy Death Day film

The “Groundhog Day” inspired film earned $26.5 million in box office over the first weekend and that number continues to rise, surpassing “Blade Runner 2049.”

Unfortunately, “Happy Death Day” is as forgettable as it sounds. It’s your run-of-the-mill horror flick, snuck in with some cheesy dorm room love and a predictable ending — which I undoubtedly called in the beginning.

On a numbered scale, “Happy Death Day” would be smacked down in the middle. The “jump scares” wear out after Tree dies her umpteenth time, but the comedy and thriller blend has a hearty early-2000’s approach to the horror genre.

The minor plot twists in the film added dimension. Although it can’t fulfill past “just alright,” it managed to add grip and escape a few gasps out of fellow audience members around me.

Some may disagree: “trashy characters tossing around smutty punch-lines to wind down to some unthoughtful moral? Possibly the worst.” I beg to differ though; nothing is worse than “Flatliners.”

Maybe invite a few friends over. Order a couple of boxes of cheese pizza and cookie dough ice cream while you’re at it. Select this as your choice of dumb-fun horror flick for the night.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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