Steven Puccinelli fulfills dreams and aspirations

Dean describes what led him to HHS


Photo by Anze Hao

Before coming to HHS, Puccinelli taught English at FHS.

By Anze Hao

Dean Steven Puccinelli was born in Silver Spring, Maryland and moved to Cupertino, California when he was two years old. He said he grew up locally in the Bay Area, attending Collins Elementary School, Hyde Middle School and Cupertino High School before moving on to college at California Polytechnic State University.

“I majored in English and got my teaching credentials down there as well,” Puccinelli said.

Puccinelli said that ever since he was in sixth grade, he knew he was going to become a teacher and that it was his dream job.

“I had really good teachers that really inspired me, and I wanted to do the same thing that they did,” Puccinelli said. “I liked being in school anyway, so I just never left.”

Before coming to HHS, Puccinelli taught English for 13 years at FHS. Puccinelli said that he loves the people at HHS the most.

“The staff is great to work with, and the students are wonderful as well,” Puccinelli said. “Although there’s this rivalry between [HHS and FHS], I felt at home right away.”

Puccinelli has held numerous roles at both FHS and HHS, and he said he decided to transfer to HHS as a dean because he really wanted to take the opportunity.

“I was a coach, and then I became athletic director. I kind of really liked these leadership roles, and it seemed like the next step was to go into administration,” Puccinelli said.

During his free time, Puccinelli likes to play ice hockey, read, do bead art and hang out with his family.

“I have two boys that are in elementary school, and I usually coach them soccer and baseball,” Puccinelli said.

In one phrase, Puccinelli would describe himself as being “laid back.”

“I think it really takes a lot of time to be calm and composed,” Puccinelli said. “I try to be easy-going and not go through a lot of emotional ups and downs.”