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'Heathers'-esque teen murder flick will trump others alike

By Luka Maeda

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Photo courtesy of Focus Features.

Fresh into the film industry, Cory Finley has already written and directed his first cinematic work with “Thoroughbreds.” It is a brilliant work of thriller that swept the audience off its feet with meaty writing and enigmatic characters.

“Thoroughbreds” depicts sick behavior from two teenage girls, Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Amanda (Olivia Cooke), who reunite from their childhood friendship. When Lily explains her frustration toward her stepfather, Amanda brings forward a ploy —  to kill him.

Inspiration from murderous classics like “Pulp Fiction” and “Perfect Blue” are present throughout. Even the most anticipated murder scene isn’t shown, and that’s fine, because “Thoroughbreds” isn’t about a great murder plan. It’s more of an extended metaphor for satisfying greed and questioning meaning in one meek life.

Lily is a full-on bourgeois who has been granted with every object she could ever wish for, and the next bullet point on her wish list is her stepdad dead. But Lily can’t get her hands dirty …

Amanda, on one hand, finds solace in expressing zero emotions, even when killing her prized horse. Lily, however, carries all the emotions Amanda lacks, whether it’s fear, wrath or nervousness. The abrasive contrast between the two creates a drip of eeriness and an oddly favorable relationship.

Both actors ace their provided roles and accentuate the characters’ personalities. Taylor-Joy is known for her notorious role in “The Witch” and Cooke will be one of the starring actors in “Ready Player One.”

The minimalistic soundtrack fits seamlessly with every scene. Although the majority of the film is percussive and more tribally rhythmic than melodic, the last scene features an acoustic guitar that is played so lovingly and with so much care.

The screenplay, laced with dark humor and weirdly lovable characters, is worth every penny spent. Cold, gashful and sinfully fun, “Thoroughbreds” is sure to be a classic for murder and thriller fans.

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