FPA labs and dissections, other events


Junior Anushka Saran dissected a pig heart during one of FPA’s workshops.

By Katelynn Ngo

T he last time Future Physicians of America had a dissection during lunch was  in October, when they dissected a pig heart. In terms of what’s next, FPA is trying to put something together for December, although the specifics are to be announced.

“We’re not completely sure [when the next dissection is]. This year we’ve been trying to go off of different themes. Our first dissection was based on the theme of hearts and the respiratory system,” junior and Vice-President of FPA Shelby Jennett said.

Before dissecting pig hearts, FPA explored cow eyeballs, which is something that they will try again in the future.

Through workshops, members have the opportunity to participate in these dissections. Usually, officers can obtain the materials with help from members and the science department.

“With the money that members donate, we’re able to go to some Asian markets such as Ranch 99, and we also have some preserved materials that are already in the science fridges,” Jennett said.

Members who attend these workshops also get the opportunity to listen to guest speakers, which are found through connections among the officers.

“Some of us have done summer internships or family connections, so we just make sure to reach out to family and friends and kind of utilize those connections that we have already [to find guest speakers],” Jennett said.

Because of the impactful experiences members can get from these workshops, they take careful planning.

“We [come] up with an agenda a week or two before. As officers, we test it out ourselves before the members get to experience it,” Jennett said.