District art show displays student creativity


Along with pieces of art, ceramics and miniature paintings are available at the show. Photo by Matthew Yu.


he imaginative creations of FUHSD students have no bounds. From April 15 to May 17, select FUHSD students’ best artwork is available to view at the Student Ed Center at the Vallco Shopping Center. The show will feature approximately 100 pieces from HHS. The art itself is highly diverse; the displayed art includes paintings, paper creations, 3D models and digital works. Students from grades 9-12 are all represented in this stunning assortment of young artistic talent.

Sophomore Zoe Li is one of the students whose work was put on display at the show. She said she is proud of what her creativity and hard work has amounted to. One of the two pieces that she has in the show is an illustration of the letters in her name.

“I wanted to make it a bit special to myself,” Li said. “So I drew it in a perspective that few others used. Also, all the textures that I incorporated are little parts of myself. For example, some days I feel fluid and blobby, like the ‘E’ and other days I feel like I’m hiding in my ‘O’wn little tower of stone and smiles, watching as the world goes by. And as for the ‘Z,’ I just really like cats and my stylized sheep.”

Clare Dee, one of HHS’s art teachers, said she has loved art since she was a girl and loves seeing what her students imagine and create.

“I’m so proud of the work my students produce and the ideas they have that I would never want to leave or never want to retire,” Dee said.

The show has been going on for many years and is a great opportunity for students not only to display their own work, but to appreciate the work of their peers, Dee said.

“It’s kind of nice when you go see the show, there is not a Homestead table or a Lynbrook table or Monta Vista spot,” Ms. Dee said. “We [are] there all together, sort of representing we are all one; we have a commonality of being creative.”

According to Dee, when selecting which art to put on display, the art teachers wanted to make sure that the chosen art demonstrated the absolute best that the school district had to offer.

“We look for original ideas, we look for work that looks – that has a certain level of maturity to it,” Dee said.

The art teacher believes that the show is a chance to see and appreciate the beautiful creations produced by FUHSD art classes and celebrate the hard work of the students.

“There’s just something that elevates their work from an assignment that a teacher made them do to a beautiful work of art when they’re displayed that way,” Dee said.