Investments club aims to educate the student body about finances

By Katelynn Ngo


Juniors Kelvin and Brian Tam, brothers and co-presidents of the Investments Club created visuals for their investments market discussion for members. Photo by Katelynn Ngo.

elvin and Brian Tam, juniors, brothers and co-presidents of the Investments Club, decided to become officers because of their personal experiences with investing, which is something they wanted to share with other students through the club.

One of the goals of the investments club is to help keep members informed about what’s currently going on in the stock market.

“We essentially teach people about investments and talk about what exactly is happening on the market to [help people] make informed decisions. Sometimes, we do market discussions where we try and evaluate companies,” Brian Tam said.

Both Kelvin and Brian Tam believe that knowing how to invest wisely will help students in the long-run, especially in the future.

“It is an important skill for students to learn how to manage their money as the bridge between being poor and being rich is all about how you manage your money. Poor spending habits can lead to a very poor situation, even though you [may] earn maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Kelvin Tam said, “Personal finance is an essential skill in the modern day, because poor money management can cause really big issues for people.”

To join the club, you don’t initially need to know everything about stock markets and investments.

“We look for anyone who’s really willing to learn about how companies, in the news and whatnot, invest their products. Or, just in general, are they interested in investments or at least just looking at the stock market?” Brian Tam said.