Class teams assemble for anticipated annual school rivalry

Battle of the Classes is approaching quickly and the teams are in the midst of preparing for the events that this spirit week includes.  The events are powderpuff football games, cheer-offs, dance-offs, and rally events. Each event is a competition between the four classes at HHS.

As for preparations, the rally athlete teams have not begun practice. Rally athlete practice only happens at scheduled times when all teams practice together, junior rally athlete Julien Kehon said. Any outside practice for these teams can result in a disqualification.

Powderpuff football, dance and cheer have been practicing on the baseball fields during lunch and as BOTC week is coming closer, final preparations are intensifying for the highly anticipated event, senior and member of the class of 2018’s cheer team Amarali Marashifar said.

“Time is going by really fast so we are kind of starting to run out of time but we can still get everything done,” sophomore dancer Sasha Oberman said regarding the class of 2020’s dance team’s preparations.

The 2018 cheer team has learned a majority of their routine and feels prepared for the spirit week, Marashifar said. They are all energetic and excited to perform for the school.

Marashifar is a member of the Powderpuff cheer team, and described the Class of 2018’s loss last year as “a nightmare.”

“Quoting a mediocre artist, Big Sean: ‘Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back’ is what the Class of 2018 is trying to make a reality,” Marashifar said.

On the other hand, junior rally athlete Sunny Arattukulam is looking to claim the trophy for the Class of 2019 after last year’s misread of the winner.

“Since last year we were robbed for the win, we all are trying to get revenge. So we are pretty hyped for this year,” Arattukulam said.

(Story/Photos) Seniors win Battle of the Classes after mistaken announcement

Friday, March 17

At the end of Friday’s rally, the sophomores were announced the winners of Battle of the Classes, only for a correction to be made two minutes later, saying the seniors had won. The sophomores followed in second place, freshmen in third and juniors in fourth.

During lunch, the champion Powderpuff team, the freshmen, played a final game against an all-staff team, winning 19-6.

Battle of the Classes Rally

Friday Powderpuff game: Freshmen vs. Staff

Thursday, March 16

Wednesday, March 15

Seniors won the brunch cheer off with juniors, sophomores, and freshmen following in second, third and fourth place, respectively. Seniors also took a win during the Powderpuff consolation game.

Wednesday Cheer Off

Wednesday Powderpuff game: Seniors vs. Juniors (Consolation Game)


Tuesday, March 14

Starting the breaking of tradition in the morning, the juniors had the strongest turnout for the brunch time cheer off, and took first place. The seniors took second place, sophomores third and freshman fourth place.

At the lunchtime Powderpuff game, the sophomores beat the seniors in overtime after a 12-12 ending, making it impossible for the Class of 2017 to defend their champion title. The winner was determined by the number of yards run in two downs, the sophomores winning with 15 yards.

Tomorrow the Powderpuff game will be the consolation round between the freshmen and seniors, and the dress up day will be Twin/Squad Day.

Tuesday Cheer Off

Tuesday Powderpuff game: Sophomores vs. Seniors

Monday, March 13

The freshmen and seniors have take the lead in Battle of the Classes with the seniors winning the brunch cheer off, and freshman girls beating the juniors 14-7 in the first Powderpuff game of the week. Tomorrow’s game between the seniors and sophomores will determine who faces the freshmen in the final round on Thursday.

Monday Cheer Off

Monday Powderpuff game: Freshmen vs. Juniors


Corrections: Updated March 15, at 9:35 a.m. A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the juniors won Tuesday’s Powderpuff game instead of the sophomores. The juniors were not a part of that game.