The Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremony

“If you’re sick and tired of the world, turn around and lead it!”

After four years of hard work and determination, the class of 2018 graduated this Thursday, May 31. Over 600 students in attendance received their diplomas. Congratulations, class of 2018!

Senior Class President Jacob Jiao delivered a welcome speech, and class officers Brandon Hong and Lindsay Takahashi introduced the Honor Guard. Senior officers Venkata Muriki and George Wen announced the class gift, which included a new sound system and a decibel meter for class cheer-offs.

Graduating with the class, teacher Liz Williams was chosen as the staff commencement speaker.

Students then received their diplomas from Associate Superintendent Christine Mallery and Board of Trustees Jeff Moe. After turning their tassels and walking off the field, graduating students took pictures with friends and family and were treated to a reception with lemonade and cookies in the quad.

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Band marches through the Rose Parade

The marching band made their first appearance at the 129th Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, on Jan. 1.

Along with performing at the parade, the band also took part in the parade’s theme “Making a Difference” by performing for the children at Shriners Hospital in Pasadena. Copies of senior Amanda Sun’s coloring book, titled “love,” were passed out. Donations from the book would go to kids at the hospital, according to the FUHSD homepage.

The band was one of twenty schools chosen to perform during the parade, and the 72nd act to perform. The selected bands were notified 15 months before the actual parade so they could raise funds for the trip, according to the Tournament of Roses website.

Hailey Guthery, a freshman on the color guard said: “Many of us had little to no sleep that weekend, but we woke up ready for the parade.”

Guthery said one of her highlights was when they completed one of her favorites, the ‘California Dreamin’ and ‘Shut Up and Dance’ mashup.

While the march came to an end, many people on the sides of the streets would encourage them by telling them the amount of distance they had left to march,  Guthery said.

“It was a fun experience, and although the distance seemed a lot, it wasn’t that bad. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Guthery said.

Caleb Lille, a sophomore on the drum line, said that he almost underestimated the nearly 7 million people along the side of the streets.

“By the end, it not only felt like you had walked five and a half miles, it also felt like you had also done just one mile at the same time,” Lille said. “Time passed by way too fast. Every time you’ve re-done a song, you really lose track of where you are, and you kinda just try to enjoy the ride.”

The marching band and the spectators in Pasadena weren’t the only people excited about the Rose Parade. Senior Alannah Wilson was one of many who tuned in to watch the parade from her own home.

According to Wilson, the only thing she knew about the parade, other than the fact that the band would be performing, was that it’s a big deal nationwide. The main reason behind her watching the parade this year had to do with the band taking part in it.

The Rose Parade has been going on for over 100 years, and although this is the first time HHS has performed, they leave behind a legacy that will last for many years to come.

The glowing highlights from the Blacklight Rally/Photo Gallery

The HHS Bhangra team.

The new girls hip hop group, known as Alpha Mare, and senior Hamza Jabbar performed at the Blacklight Rally Dec. 1. Krew and HHS Bhangra also performed their dance routines as a part of the annual culmination of the winter spirit week.

Senior IndoPak co-presidents Pranali Kasturi and Nikhil Kulkarni said that traditions that have been practiced for a long time are incorporated into their dance performances.

“We do something a little different for the blacklight rally instead of the actual IndoPak show because it’s a lot shorter,” Kasturi said.

Alongside the cultural dance groups, Cheer team, the HHS drumline and the Equestriettes also performed at the rally, taking advantage of the blacklight by coordinating their outfits.

Senior and Equestriette officer Jocelyn Chen said the team used one of their competition routines that they will be competing with in the spring for this year’s rally.

“In the Blacklight rally, we normally focus a little more on the dancing and less on the theme compared to rallies like Homecoming, where we pick the songs based on the different class themes,” Chen said.

Preparations for the Blacklight rally start right after the Homecoming rally ends.

ASB Activities Director Sara Frausto said that she tries to give as many opportunities as possible and have a variety of grades participate through emceeing and performing.

“This was probably our largest number of people we had for emcees so it was really tough to try and cut some of them out. A lot of them were returners, but a lot of them were new as well,” Frausto said.

Preparing for rallies includes scriptwriting, planning auditions and collecting music.

“Lior (Rally Commissioner) and I usually both write the script together, but sometimes one of us is busy, and so the other Rally Commissioner steps in to write the script,” Rally Commissioner Lanie Schwartz said.

Frausto said that while some aspects of the rally are set, Rally Commissioners take the lead on deciding themes and trying to make it different from past years.

“The blacklight rally is heavily performer-based because it is in the dark, and we focus on the Canned Food Drive,” Frausto said.

During the annual Students vs. Staff basketball game, students won with a score of 10 to 2.

Finally, the winners of the Canned Food Drive were announced, crowning AP literature teacher Liz Williams with the trophies for Most Generous Class and Most Generous Student to her classroom.

BAYCO Resume Building Workshop provides support

Students came from across the district to learn how to write better resumes


Photo by Brandon Welty
Students who attended the workshop were provided with informational pamphlets and packets to help them with their resume building

he BAYCO (Bay Area Youth Career Opportunities) Resume Building Workshop took place on October 14 at FHS. Students from all five schools in the FUHSD district were invited to attend to learn more about resume-building from professionals from Fenwick & West, LinkedIn and Stanford University.

According to their website, BAYCO is “a student-run organization that strives to propel career-related success for high schoolers in the Bay Area through educational workshops, professional development, and networking opportunities.”

“We did this workshop because we felt that it’s very important for high schoolers to be able to develop their resumes. There are so many job opportunities and internships that they can get, and we want to make sure they learn how to perfect them, so they can make a great first impression,” Rithika Srinivasan, the Program Director at BAYCO, said.

Srinivasan joined BAYCO when she met Sanusi Tandun, the founder of BAYCO, during a resume workshop at an FBLA meeting and got inspired by his idea for an organization dedicated to helping high schoolers.

“BAYCO is an organization that has a really new concept that I don’t think many people at high schools or even businesses have thought of. It’s connecting businesses around the area to high schoolers and giving these opportunities to high school students,” sophomore Sonia Parikh, the Social Media and Marketing Director Intern at BAYCO, said.

Parikh came on as one of the student officers because she was motivated by the vision of BAYCO.

“It’s important for students to understand what skills and qualities would be beneficial for them to have so they can succeed in whatever they do post-high school, whether it be a job or internship or volunteer work. We’re providing them opportunities that would help them gain that understanding,” senior Anam Siddiquee, the Social Media and Marketing Director at BAYCO, said.

Siddiquee was inspired by the new organization’s aspirations and wanted to join the team of students from around the district, she said.

Senior Roxanna Sharifi came to the resume building workshop after hearing about the workshop through an email she received from the College and Career Center.

“[I want to] learn how to structure my resume better and learn about what I should include in respective sections to best exemplify myself for job positions or if I do any competitions in the future,” Sharifi said.

Victory rings again on Homecoming night against Los Altos


Homecoming Rally Photo Gallery

The final day of Homecoming Week started off strong with the Homecoming Rally this morning. The HHS Marching Band performed as strong as usual, with the cheer team and the Equestriettes giving performances as equally strong as they’ve always been. The Homecoming Court King and Queen were also announced at the end of the rally, with seniors Simon Lee and Kristina Claras taking the crowns.

Congratulations to Simon Lee and Kristina Claras for winning, and congrats to all the other seniors on the Homecoming Court. We thank you for the spirit you show and for representing HHS. The Homecoming parade and football game against Los Altos take place tonight.

Homecoming Activities Photo Gallery – Days 3/4

Wednesday and Thursday of the HHS Homecoming Week were as strong as ever, with the juniors taking a win during the brunch time cheer-offs on Wednesday, but the seniors came back stronger, claiming their third win on Thursday, with sophomores and freshmen in third and fourth place for both days. The lunchtime activities went on this Wednesday with a game of limbo in the quad.

The Homecoming football game and dance take place tomorrow.

Homecoming Activities Photo Gallery – Days 1/2

Homecoming Week has started off strong, with two of the brunch time cheer-offs already taking place. Seniors have already taken two wins for both brunch time cheer-offs, juniors taking second both days, with sophomores and freshmen in third and fourth place. The lunchtime activities commenced this Tuesday with an intense game of musical chairs in the quad.

Mustang victory rings through Fremont yet again

The annual rivalry game between HHS and FHS took place last Friday. This year, the two schools faced off against one another at Fremont High School. The game, dubbed the “Battle of the Bell,” takes place at each school’s campus every other year as their respective football teams fight it out to win bragging rights and the coveted “bell.”

Many students from both schools came out to support their respective teams. Screams and cheers from both sides could be heard as the fight to keep the lead waged on. The pressure to keep that lead, however, was felt prominently within the Mustangs.

“I feel like there’s huge pressure, not only especially on the team, but on us, and a lot of people talk and we’re like, ‘we’re gonna keep the bell,’” spectating senior Karen Rivera said.

She felt that though there was pressure, the Mustangs would be able to pull through.

“I feel [the pressure] gives us more energy and it helps us cheer on and helps keep the team motivated and have a goal,” Rivera said.

The tension built as the struggle for the ball went back and forth between the teams. But in the end, the Mustangs brought home the bell for the seventh year in a row, finishing off the intense game with an impressive score of 36-13.

“It’s like nothing, it’s unbelievable,” senior Nathan Fussell, a Mustang in his final year of football, said, following the victory.

The Mustangs team have the reputation for winning streaks they do thanks to the bonds the players share on and off the field.

“[The team] is a family … they’re my brothers,” Fussell said.

The win against FHS last Friday can only set the bar higher for the team this season, but the team is not about to back down. Head Coach Milo Lewis said he is quite confident that his players are fully prepared for the upcoming season.

“We’re on a roll right now, so it’s kinda cool going into our season. We won the bell, we beat our rival, and it’s time to go and I think all our players understand what’s happening,” Lewis said.

Senior Walk-In Rally Photo Gallery