The Epitaph

Netflix’s attempt at science fiction

Photo courtesy of Netflix

By Eden Pollitt, Senior Design Editor

February 3, 2019

If you haven’t already watched Bird Box you probably have heard about from social media. Memes about Sandra Bullock’s children, boy and girl, filled Instagram feeds and YouTubers began playing the “Bird Box” challenge. But is the movie worth the hype? In short, no. While I found Birdb...

‘Aquaman’ is a fun superhero romp, represents a turning point for the DCEU

By Patrick Yu

January 23, 2019

According to IMDb, “Aquaman” has grossed 978 million dollars worldwide - making it the most financially successful film of the Warner Brothers owned franchise, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). This milestone is particularly impressive given the franchise’s poor form. But why is “Aquaman” a success? ...

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ falls short

By Andrea Boyn

January 7, 2019

Frosties or Sugar Puffs? This is the first in a series of decisions one has to make in Netflix’s newest original interactive movie “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.” The movie tells the story of a boy named Stefan, played by Fionn Whitehead,  who develops an interactive game named Bandersnatch, and ...

Reinventing movie going

By Eden Pollitt, Senior Design Editor

January 6, 2019

oMvie-going is a common activity that has turned into a sort of tradition for my friend and I. We have begun to enjoy the experience of going to see something at least once a month, the way teens of the 1950s made going to a drive-in a frequent event. We have a set of rules to make the experience more personal...

BTS documentary takes movie theaters by storm across the globe

By Emily Choi

December 5, 2018

Reading up about how fans were reacting to the premiere of “Burn the Stage,” a documentary about K-pop group BTS, I was apprehensive. Videos of crazy fangirls cheering loudly during the movie and being disrespectful to other moviegoers filled my Instagram feed. But to my surprise, the people I interacted ...

Has Sony finally produced a good Spider-Man flick?

By Patrick Yu

November 4, 2018

You may remember the failed “The Amazing Spider-Man” reboot franchise that Sony released about four years ago. Well now, Sony has made it clear that they are taking another stab at the superhero genre with their untitled cinematic universe consisting of Spider-Man characters. If you don’t under...

“The Hate U Give” entertaining, culturally significant

By Kate Gabrielson

October 28, 2018

Ihave seen more than my fair share of young adult movies, and most follow a predictable pattern; a totally average, down-to-earth teen attempts to navigate an overly dramatic, exaggerated version of high school, directed by someone clearly disconnected from today’s teenagers. “The Hate U Give,” howev...

Movie Literate: How quality animated films transcend age

By Claire Torii

October 27, 2018

Everyone remembers their first movies. Maybe not their very first movie, maybe not the date and time, but a memory of a blur of colors and scenes that provoked you to beg your parents to press play on the DVD player one more time. For many of us, those movies were animated films. For me, it was “Mulan,” “Finding Nemo”...

‘Isle of Dogs’ is an endearing and well-made film

April 13, 2018

Director Wes Anderson’s most recent movie, “Isle of Dogs,” is a success similar to his previous films, which include “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “Moonrise Kingdom.” The plot of the movie is set in the future, where a rampant “canine flu” in Japan forces all dogs of the nation to ...

Winchester: Spook or Spoof?

By Tamar Gilad

March 7, 2018

W ith the exception of Helen Mirren’s tasteful performance, the Spierig brothers’ “Winchester” is  another movie to be added to the list of cliché horror films. Based on true events, the movie is set in the 1900s in the dark and unusual San Jose mansion of Sarah Winchester, the widow of a gun...

‘The Post’ lacks depth and candid perspective

By Claire Torii

January 13, 2018

"The Post” is everything that we have seen in Steven Spielberg's previous works, however the film lacks a consistent theme. This film depicts when New York Times first got ahold of the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War, assessments that would reveal an entire lineage of presidents that knew the war...

‘Justice League’ heroically fails

The Justice League unite for an epically tragic battle with a storyline that will leave you feeling lost and confused.

By Andrea Sun

December 8, 2017

G oing into “Justice League,” I set my bar lower than I’ve ever set any of my previous movie expectations. Beforehand, I certainly felt that at least “Justice League” couldn’t reach as low as “Batman vs Superman.” Thankfully I was right. It was definitely more watchable, which is ass...