The Epitaph

Sheeran’s “Divide” is best work yet

Ed Sheeran's new studio album is a success and worth a listen. Photo courtesy of Asylum Records.

By Katie Snell

March 15, 2017

Ed Sheeran’s hit single “Shape of You “ is currently Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs and has held a spot for the past eight weeks. His third full-length studio album “Divide,” which includes “Shape of You,” was released Fri., March 3. To put it simply: this album is incre...

Jazz: a conversation

 Jazz is an essential form of art, yet remains significantly underappreciated.

By Elizabeth Cook

February 3, 2017

Though jazz music initially made headlines in the Roaring ‘20s, its origin traces to the era of slavery, representing a rich history of rebellion, culture, freedom and most importantly, conversation. “Jazz allows you to communicate and understand way below and above speech,” senior Matei Predescu sai...

New album surpasses expectations

“4 Your Eyes Only” album cover.

By Franklin Ngai

January 25, 2017

E ver since his first album release in 2007, “The Come Up,” J Cole has continued to show success through his music. Cole signed with Hip Hop star Jay Z’s Roc Nation in 2009, and later released two more albums “Born Sinner” in 2013 and “2014 Forest Hills Drive” in 2014. On Dec. 9, 2...

A sophisticated message deepened by roots

Black Lives will have their voices heard

By Indira Cockerill

December 1, 2016

"A nd the battle with us. I know that black lives matter and they matter to us, These are the things we gotta discuss.” Common’s latest album, Black America Again, made its debut on Nov. 4, 2016. This is his eleventh studio album, which is not only impressive, but also a hit. It is not just an...

The girl no longer on fire

Alicia Keys’ highly anticipated album screams for better songwriting.

By Claire Torii

November 8, 2016

HERE has definitely been one of the most highly anticipated R&B albums of the year. Which is which is why much to my surprise, it was mostly a giant flop. Keys essentially acted as her own hype man all over her social media, especially Instagram, promoting and teasing fans with lyrics and track titles...

22, A Million — a smash success

In latest album debut, Bon Iver delves into new wall of sound

By Elizabeth Cook

November 3, 2016

W ith their long-awaited third album, 22, A Million, Bon Iver reaches a new level of experimentation, shattering the stereotype of folk-indie bands. This album, released five years after their previous album titled Bon Iver, presents a completely new sound than the typical, mellow ballads associated w...

Pentatonix rocks their first performance back in the U.S

Us the Duo open the show for the first half hour.

By Raven Bautista

November 3, 2016

O n their fifth leg, Pentatonix came to San Jose SAP Center for their first performance back in North America on Oct. 17, 2016. Opening the stage, “Us the Duo” set was well performed, interactive with the audience and set the mood for the concert for the first half hour. “Us the Duo” also...

Fall concert sets tone for rest of the year

Fall concert sets tone for rest of the year

By Era Goel

October 27, 2016

T he HHS Choir held their first concert of the year, performing for parents and friends in the cafeteria last Thursday. Since the first day of school, the students have been working hard to perfect their songs and were finally able to show off their talent. HHS Choir is composed of four smaller g...

Bastille’s “Wild World” Organizes Predecessor’s Debacle

Cover to the new album by the indie rock group Bastille

By Daniel Chung

October 26, 2016

Bastille’s new album Wild World, released Sep. 9, 2016, is a significant improvement from their  debut album Bad Blood. The freshmen album had to split into two albums to make an attempt at fixing their mistakes from the first time around. Wild World does not need the same help. While Bad Bl...

Take a ride

By Katie Snell, Opinion Editor

October 2, 2016

P assenger’s new album, “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea,” was released on Sept. 23. Most people tend to only know Passenger because of his overwhelmingly popular song “Let Her Go.” While this song was a relatable and entertaining track to listen to, the new album outshines the old. P...

Jazz spring show, a showcase of talent

From Left to Right: Junior pianist Matei Predescu was honored with the Green and White award along with sophomore Matteo Muscettola, who also received a $250 scholarship to the San Jose Summer Jazz Camp. Senior Amit Kohli received The Neil Griffin Scholarship and senior Shangyu Hsu received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.

By Michael Huang

June 2, 2016

I originally came to hear the highly-touted Skinny Seventh perform. What I left with amounted to much, much more. The entire jazz group, including the jazz band, jazz choir and the Skinny Seventh Ensemble, performed on May 26 at the HHS Auditorium for their spring show, and they had excellent perfo...

Floating on clouds of flowers

British Singer Zayn Malik on stage

By Karla Agudelo

April 14, 2016

The album “Mind of Mine” was a great start for Zayn Malik’s commencement of a solo career. Malik’s album was released on March 25 with a blend of “Frank Ocean and Usher,” according to the album overview on iTunes. When I first saw the names of the songs on the album, I could not resist ...