The Epitaph

Reinventing movie going

By Eden Pollitt, Senior Design Editor

January 6, 2019

oMvie-going is a common activity that has turned into a sort of tradition for my friend and I. We have begun to enjoy the experience of going to see something at least once a month, the way teens of the 1950s made going to a drive-in a frequent event. We have a set of rules to make the experience more personal...

A brief inquiry into The 1975’s latest album

A brief inquiry into The 1975’s latest album

By Gianella Ordonez

December 14, 2018

A  lot has happened in the two years since The 1975 released their second album “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it,” in 2016. Not just in the world, but in frontman Matt Healy’s hectic life in the spotlight. From politics and controversial celebrities s...

Change, and not a moment too soon

Change, and not a moment too soon

By Aishwarya Jayadeep

December 12, 2018

The scene opens with a 19-year-old named Ryan trying to figure out how to ride a bike, all the while glowering at his new step-granddad. From his grandmother’s exasperated chiding to the part where Ryan flings his bike off a cliff in a moment of frustration, it looks, for all intents and purpo...

BTS documentary takes movie theaters by storm across the globe

By Emily Choi

December 5, 2018

Reading up about how fans were reacting to the premiere of “Burn the Stage,” a documentary about K-pop group BTS, I was apprehensive. Videos of crazy fangirls cheering loudly during the movie and being disrespectful to other moviegoers filled my Instagram feed. But to my surprise, the people I interacted ...

Mumford and sons score third No. 1 album

Mumford and sons score third No. 1 album

By Laurel Schmidt

December 4, 2018

A fter three years of waiting, Mumford and Sons has finally come out with their fourth studio album. “Delta” brings alternative rock back to the top of the charts, reaching number one on Billboard’s top 200. This album is a sharp change from their previous EP feature, Johannesburg, which featur...

Do it for the Culture: Look what you made her do

By Katie Fung

November 4, 2018

Taylor Swift is average. Not in a bad way, necessarily. Swift has always succeeded in being neutral; in fact, it’s how she’s gained huge amounts of popularity. She had sustained a public personality so devoid of actual personality that everyone can feel connected to her. She is bland, inoffe...

Has Sony finally produced a good Spider-Man flick?

By Patrick Yu

November 4, 2018

You may remember the failed “The Amazing Spider-Man” reboot franchise that Sony released about four years ago. Well now, Sony has made it clear that they are taking another stab at the superhero genre with their untitled cinematic universe consisting of Spider-Man characters. If you don’t under...

A very Homestead Halloween

By Katelynn Ngo and Shruti Magesh

October 30, 2018

Typically, people go trick-or-treating for Halloween. Children and adults alike dress up, candy is distributed and people seek the thrills they’ve been waiting for all season long. However, the best of Halloween activities lies in more unconventional ways. Some people choose to celebrate Halloween wi...

“The Hate U Give” entertaining, culturally significant

By Kate Gabrielson

October 28, 2018

Ihave seen more than my fair share of young adult movies, and most follow a predictable pattern; a totally average, down-to-earth teen attempts to navigate an overly dramatic, exaggerated version of high school, directed by someone clearly disconnected from today’s teenagers. “The Hate U Give,” howev...

5 Seconds of Summer looked so perfect

By Nicole Fuller and Kate Gabrielson

October 28, 2018

"B oy band.” The words alone are enough to send shivers down my spine, conjuring images of screaming pre-teen girls and mediocre-looking white boys singing about love and heartbreak. So you can imagine my apprehension to attend one of these concerts, and for 5 Seconds of Summer no less, a band whose ...

Movie Literate: How quality animated films transcend age

By Claire Torii

October 27, 2018

Everyone remembers their first movies. Maybe not their very first movie, maybe not the date and time, but a memory of a blur of colors and scenes that provoked you to beg your parents to press play on the DVD player one more time. For many of us, those movies were animated films. For me, it was “Mulan,” “Finding Nemo”...

Troye Sivan makes another album bloom

Troye Sivan makes another album bloom

By Hana Baig

September 7, 2018

After his first album debut of “Blue Neighborhood” in 2015, Australian artist Troye Sivan released the highly anticipated second album, “Bloom,” this year, returning with his unique sound of slow, emotional modern pop. As a part of the LGBT community, Sivan started off his music career with hi...