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LESSONS FROM GOLF: Guidi said playing golf has taught him to be patient with himself.

From self-taught to team member: varsity golf player shares his perspective

By Erin Loh and Madhavi Karthik May 21, 2022

Before becoming a member of the varsity boys golf team, junior Nick Guidi said he learned golf through less conventional methods: instead of attending private lessons and learning from coaches, Guidi said...

Writing from experience: John Green’s friendship with terminal cancer patient Esther Earl (middle) helped him portray Hazel Grace in “The Fault in Our Stars” truthfully and compassionately.

Stepping into someone else’s shoes

By Erin Loh March 30, 2022

Writers are often told to “write what you know.” The phrase generally makes sense — one’s own experiences are naturally what they will be able to portray most accurately and complexly through writing.  However,...

PUBLISHING THROUGH ANTHOLOGIES: Watts writing has been part of We Can Still Connect, a collection of pieces on pandemic experiences, and Winter Vindication, a collection of stories about survivors battling a long winter.

From inspiration to final piece

By Erin Loh February 15, 2022

Growing up, the highlight of senior Christine Watts’ week was going to the library every Sunday, since books felt like a safe space and home to her. Eventually, she began to write her own. Like Watts,...

Cross country, track and everything in between

By Erin Loh and Ashley Orozco Plata December 17, 2021

After completing the fall season of cross country, athletes are preparing for the track and field season by engaging in lighter training, sophomore Caleb Leung said. Despite the first meet being held Feb....



By Erin Loh November 24, 2021

Quad celebration replaces traditional homecoming dance

The annual homecoming dance was substituted this year for the quad celebration in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. The celebration took place Oct.15 as a precedor for the football game, ASB president...

Is high school easier for older or younger siblings?

By Erin Loh May 24, 2021

Happy National Siblings Day, Homestead! Celebrate all the mustang siblings out there by following Chloe and Desiree Poon, and Daniel and Hannah Wehbeh as they describe what it’s like to experience high...

Disfavor to appreciation: Rereading Bridge to Terabithia allowed me to recognize themes I wasn’t able to when I first read it in elementary school.

The High Flyer: The importance of rereading books

By Erin Loh May 12, 2021

I still remember picking up the book “Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Paterson in elementary school. I was bored, had nothing to read, found the title vaguely familiar and saw the Newbery Medal...

Looking back: The absence of pressures, expectations and responsibilities I enjoyed during childhood are things I miss as a high schooler.

The High Flyer: Childhood is over

By Erin Loh April 14, 2021

A few weeks ago while I was cleaning the house with my family, my mom decided to play our old “Steve Songs” CD. “Steve Songs” is my family’s name for an album of children’s songs we used to...

Trapped in schoolwork: Perfecting homework assignments is impossible, and refusing to accept this notion can lead to being trapped in a school life with no personal time.

The High Flyer: Less is more

By Erin Loh February 9, 2021

With a month of 2021 already gone, I’m proud to say I’ve maintained my new year’s resolution of putting less effort into my schoolwork.  Let me explain.   I’ve always been someone who...

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