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The Epitaph

The team practices a variety of drills to improve their performance in future games.

Leveling up with newcomers

By Christine Kim, Lia Klebanov, and Hope Saena January 19, 2023

The gym is filled with an exciting, sweaty atmosphere. Varsity girls basketball players are clapping for one another as they have just finished practicing free throws before the big game. High fives and...

Athletes face uncertainty as new bell schedule cuts into practice time

With the new California mandate pushing back high school start times across the state, many student athletes are uncertain about its effects on their games, practice and academics. HHS tries to work...

Sustainable steps can help save the environment

The 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. A longstanding eco-phrase applicable to almost everything. Instead of driving, walk to the store to reduce your carbon footprint. Reuse those old cardboard boxes. And...

Forte dance showcase

Forte dance showcase

By Dan Penalosa, Hope Saena , and Esmeralda Villalobos Soriano February 15, 2022

Leah’s solo Since the West Coast Elite (WCE) competition where senior Leah Jang received 7th place in soloist performances, she said she has made improvements to her solo for future competitions,...

Committee aids community: With the help of NEHS’ committee and the HHS community, the book drive ended as a success, with a total of 60 books donated.

NEHS hosts first book drive to aid readers in need

By Ariana Tejeda Moreno, Ashley Orozco Plata, and Hope Saena December 12, 2021

The National English Honors Society held their first-ever book drive from Nov. 1-12 to involve the HHS community in an effort to provide books to students and communities who may not have access to them,...

Freshmen on HHS sports

By Ariana Tejeda Moreno and Hope Saena May 29, 2021

With almost an entire year of virtual learning, freshmen have barely gotten a taste of the in-person high school experience. Sports allowed some freshmen to feel closer to HHS while others were expecting...

FBLA’s PwB project educates students through business partnerships

By Hope Saena and Jack Xu April 25, 2021

Launching in the beginning of the school year, FBLA’s Partnership with Business project began its efforts to enhance student entrepreneurship by partnering with real-life businesses, partner with business...

Through these collaborative workshops with the campaign’s partners, engaged participants are able to gain a new perspective of running a business during COVID-19.

Buy Local campaign raises awareness for local businesses

By Hope Saena March 23, 2021

Local businesses have encountered several economic hardships caused by the pandemic, according to PNAS, and in order to alleviate that, the American Enterprise Project of HHS FBLA started the Buy Local...

The last day of attending Samoa College was hard for me as I had just became close with my relatives, but I am grateful for the experience.

POV: Journey to Acceptance

By Hope Saena March 18, 2021

I t’s odd to say, but the pandemic has strengthened my connection to my Samoan culture more than ever before.  My journey into connecting with my roots began March of last year, when my grandfather...

Exploring local businesses

Exploring local businesses

By Allen Zhang February 3, 2021

While many industries have been affected by the pandemic, the food and beverage industry has been struggling more than most.  The National Restaurant Association estimated that at least 17% of food...

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