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A CLOSED CHAPTER: As a young child, I enjoyed reading books and visiting the Sunnyvale City Library with my mom. However, the time and imagination I expended on literature was the replaced when I received a phone.

POV: The End

By Joss Broward May 1, 2022

“One more chapter!” I exclaimed to my father. He had finished our nightly reading and, as always, he ended on a cliffhanger. In elementary school, I loved reading. Every night, my dad read to me...

Boys varsity swimmers dive into action in a race against Gunn.

HHS swim senior night

By Joss Broward and Macy Li April 17, 2022

A Guide Through Collecting Memories

Behind every page on the yearbook, comes lots of hard work and dedication. The Pegasus staff  work throughout the year and capture every event on campus in order to produce a yearbook for students to...

Junior Daphne Garcia says they enjoyed Man’s Search for Meaning because it provided insight on finding one’s purpose in order to solve common life struggles.

A journey into the pages

By Joss Broward February 10, 2022

Daphne Garcia - Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl   Man's Search for Meaning is an autobiography about the imprisonment of the author, Viktor E. Frankl, in Nazi concentration...

The SRO contract should not be passed because it will potentially put students of color in danger.

SRO contract must be terminated

By Joss Broward and Dan Penalosa January 2, 2022

Recently, the FUHSD board has been trying to renew and expand the school resource officer contract. SRO’s are police officers who patrol schools and under the new district-proposed contract, these officers...

An Investment in Pride

By Joss Broward December 10, 2021

The power of a book is anything but negligible. They have the ability to inspire, validate and change minds. For members of the LGBTQ community, queer literature has not often been easily attainable. The...

Although Blue Banisters contains beautiful vocals and instrumentation, as well as deep lyricism, the album is also boring and lacks cohesion at points. – 3.5/5

Blue Banisters – simultaneously beautiful and boring

By Joss Broward December 9, 2021

In her eighth studio album, “Blue Banisters,” singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey provides 15 songs filled with deep lyricism, stripped-back vocals and calm instrumentation, yet ultimately creates a boring...

Tasteful Apple Treats for Fall

Tasteful Apple Treats for Fall

By Joss Broward and Madhavi Karthik November 21, 2021

Click the image to Check out Epitaph's Tasteful Apple Treats for Fall

LIVING THE LIBRARIAN LIFE: Verna Grant helps students with their library-related needs, such as with Chromebook distribution.

Teacher-Librarian Verna Grant reflects on her experiences at HHS

By Joss Broward November 8, 2021

On any given school day, you can find Teacher-Librarian Verna Grant buzzing around the library, trying to help as many students as possible. Grant said her job entails providing assistance for library-related...

Historically small cross country team prepares for intense season

By Joss Broward and Niyatee Jain October 19, 2021

The cross country team meets every day to practice in order to put their best foot forward when competing in events this season. However, this year, the team runs together as their smallest group ever. Typically,...

Ms. Pittas Honors Literature and Writing class engages in a discussion about the Scarlet Letter.

Battle of the English classes

By Joss Broward and Leila Salam October 17, 2021

Freshman and sophomore year leave little room for schedule customization, but students are welcomed into their junior year with stress from their course loads and a new sense of freedom. During their third...

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