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Do it for the Culture: Look what you made her do

By Katie Fung

November 4, 2018

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Taylor Swift is average. Not in a bad way, necessarily. Swift has always succeeded in being neutral; in fact, it’s how she’s gained huge amounts of popularity. She had sustained a public personality so devoid of actual personality that everyone can feel connected to her. She is bland, inoffe...

Fwd:Love spreads positivity before finals

Fwd:Love spreads positivity before finals

By Gianella Ordonez and Katie Fung

May 28, 2018

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With finals week approaching, fwd:Love continued their semi-annual event, Bags of Love, in which officers pass out care packages filled with stress relief items such as candy and bubbles to students. Fwd:Love has noticed how stressful finals week can be and uses this event to help their peers c...

ASL aims to amplify awareness

By Gianella Ordoñez and Katie Fung

September 30, 2017

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The third most used language in the US is sign language, according to Senior Avani Modak, American Sign Language (ASL) Club president. It’s one of the many fun facts she has picked up from being part of the club since freshman year. ASL Club teaches sign language to members and provides many oppor...