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Epitaph winter picks

By Lia Klebanov and Keshav Kumar December 19, 2022

Bark without bite: Future efforts to address climate change should focus on lasting policy advancements instead of destructive symbolic gestures

Vandalism is not activism

By Keshav Kumar November 28, 2022

Activism is one of our most powerful tools to change the world for the better. It can be helpful to disrupt the status quo in order to draw attention to an issue. However, there is a fine line between...

Playing water polo has been a valuable life experience that has helped her become part of a community, Vambenepe said.

Persevering through difficulties in the pool

By Keshav Kumar, Evelyn Wang, Faith Watters, and Veronica Zhao October 5, 2022

For many high school athletes, playing a sport involves more than practice and games. For girls varsity water polo player, senior Elise Vambenepe, it means a strong community and personal fulfillment.  Vambenepe...

With the return of the school year, technology remains constant in the classrooms.

Exploring modern approaches to learning

The sound of students typing away on their laptops. The low hum of the air conditioning in the background as students work diligently on their online assignments. These sounds drift throughout classrooms...

WASTEFUL CULTURAL STANDARDS: The lawns that dominate much of suburban America are wasting water at a time when we can’t afford to

Wasteful lawns are hurting California’s environment

By Keshav Kumar May 25, 2022

During times of hardship, individual luxuries must often be sacrificed for the good of society. When it comes to a resource as necessary and scarce as water in California, we must be especially careful....

MUSIC’S DARK SIDE: Although streaming platforms have made it easy to listen to music for free, its rise has come at the cost of musicians.

End exploitation of musicians by streaming services

By Keshav Kumar February 3, 2022

Music is everywhere. However, when we listen to it, we rarely stop to think about the financial side of our favorite artists’ lives. Music is a highly unequal business — with the streaming services...

To love or not to love

By Anushruti Nagarajan and Keshav Kumar January 26, 2022

Take any teenage movie: “Twilight,” “Five Feet Apart,” “The Edge of Seventeen.” They all have one thing in common– love. Romantic relationships are every high schooler’s dream, according...

Tool against democracy: the filibuster has been historically used by racists, like Sen. Strom Thurmond, to obstruct necessary reforms

The filibuster is slowly killing American democracy

By Keshav Kumar December 9, 2021

In a democracy, the majority rules. This is something that we take for granted. However, this fundamental aspect of democracy is not true in America, because of the filibuster.   If a member of the...

Sheeran falls flat: = lacks innovation, sincerity

‘=’ is bland, underwhelming

By Keshav Kumar December 9, 2021

Sometimes, an album deserves to be judged by its cover. While I had hopes Ed Sheeran would take his music in a new, fresh direction, “=” is equally disappointing as his older work. My past feelings...

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