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DANGEROUS BEAUTY STANDARDS: society should stop enforcing unrealistic body ideals because they negatively impact relationships with food and exercise.

Body standards and weight stigmas: harmful and useless

By Leila Salam May 25, 2022

In the society we live in today, body image issues are common in the United States and are especially prominent in young adults, according to a study by the National Library of Medicine. We are constantly...

TAKING THE SHOT: MacDonald said he is excited to continue next season.

Putting individually, succeeding as a team

By Leila Salam and Jack Xu May 17, 2022

At the ripe age of seven, freshman Anthony MacDonald had his first experience with the sport of golf, something that eventually led to him competing in tournaments. MacDonald said he was drawn to golf...

Feminist’s disclosure: Women in politics

Feminist’s disclosure: Women in politics

By Leila Salam February 23, 2022

Immense progress has been made for women in politics in the past four years. In the 2018 midterms, a record number of women were elected to Congress, now holding 144 out of 539 seats, according to the...

DELAY IN CONSTRUCTION: progress has slowed due to changes and lack of staff.

A building construction delays

By Leila Salam February 15, 2022

A building construction is now set to finish later than its original timeline of May as a result of COVID-19 regulations and additional changes after inspections. However, the move-in dates have not changed....

SLOW TO PROGRESS: Hollywood resists change in culture of harassment.

Feminist’s Disclosure: Harassment in Hollywood

By Leila Salam December 9, 2021

Sexual harassment has always been a problem in Hollywood. Before Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, it was filmmakers like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. They weren’t the first influential predators and...

PREPARING FOR CCS: Faith Watters practices her form during a match, which she says needs some improvement.

Varsity girls tennis team keeps up momentum mid-season

By Leila Salam, Zeinab Rakhshandehroo, and Brevin Reed November 6, 2021

Varsity girls tennis is continuing to push through their season as they begin to look ahead to the upcoming Central Coast Section finals. While they are still currently in the middle of the season, the...

Ms. Pittas Honors Literature and Writing class engages in a discussion about the Scarlet Letter.

Battle of the English classes

By Joss Broward and Leila Salam October 17, 2021

Freshman and sophomore year leave little room for schedule customization, but students are welcomed into their junior year with stress from their course loads and a new sense of freedom. During their third...

WOMENS ABORTION RIGHTS: Texas law dramatically decreases womens access to safe abortions.

Feminist’s Disclosure: Abortion rights

By Leila Salam June 4, 2021

With Texas Gov. Greg Abbot signing the new heartbeat bill into law, women’s rights to bodily autonomy continue to crumble. This new measure would prohibit abortions in Texas as early as six weeks into...

 “THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL”: Women’s experiences: results of our sexist society.

Feminist’s disclosure: the personal is political

By Leila Salam May 11, 2021

"The personal is political,” a slogan coined by feminist Carol Hanisch, was an influential symbol of  second wave feminism in the 1960s and has continued to influence feminist theorizing today, according...

A Year With COVID-19

A Year With COVID-19

Click here to see the full story! One year ago today, HHS students received an email stating that schools were going to be closed for the next three weeks. Thoughts of having an unexpected...

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