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PREPARING FOR CCS: Faith Watters practices her form during a match, which she says needs some improvement.

Varsity girls tennis team keeps up momentum mid-season

By Leila Salam, Zeinab Rakhshandehroo, and Brevin Reed November 6, 2021

Varsity girls tennis is continuing to push through their season as they begin to look ahead to the upcoming Central Coast Section finals. While they are still currently in the middle of the season, the...

Ms. Pittas Honors Literature and Writing class engages in a discussion about the Scarlet Letter.

Battle of the English classes

By Joss Broward and Leila Salam October 17, 2021

Freshman and sophomore year leave little room for schedule customization, but students are welcomed into their junior year with stress from their course loads and a new sense of freedom. During their third...

WOMENS ABORTION RIGHTS: Texas law dramatically decreases womens access to safe abortions.

Feminist’s Disclosure: Abortion rights

By Leila Salam June 4, 2021

With Texas Gov. Greg Abbot signing the new heartbeat bill into law, women’s rights to bodily autonomy continue to crumble. This new measure would prohibit abortions in Texas as early as six weeks into...

 “THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL”: Women’s experiences: results of our sexist society.

Feminist’s disclosure: the personal is political

By Leila Salam May 11, 2021

"The personal is political,” a slogan coined by feminist Carol Hanisch, was an influential symbol of  second wave feminism in the 1960s and has continued to influence feminist theorizing today, according...

A Year With COVID-19

A Year With COVID-19

Click here to see the full story! One year ago today, HHS students received an email stating that schools were going to be closed for the next three weeks. Thoughts of having an unexpected...

Birdwatcher Christian Cooper fell victim to Amy Cooper weaponizing her white female vulnerability against him.

Feminist’s Disclosure

By Leila Salam February 11, 2021

Most of the time, when I think of white supremacy, I picture the image of ignorant and overly masculine rage. Hoods, confederate flags — you know the deal. But often times, white supremacy is just as...

Leadership is planning to have a gender neutral homecoming court this year as opposed to having a king and queen. The change has been made to increase inclusivity and decide titles regardless of gender.

2020 Homecoming timeline

By Leila Salam December 9, 2020

2020 vision: looking back at an unforgettable year

2020 vision: looking back at an unforgettable year

Remote learning shapes future for education system Students share their opinions on advantages, disadvantages of distance learning As schools transitioned to remote learning, many students, including...

Junior Shelby Riemenschnitter delivers donuts to her friends to maintain an in-person personal connection with them.

Casual connections missing with remote learning

By Ashley Orozco and Leila Salam October 2, 2020

From WiFi issues to Zoom crashes, remote learning has been quite the struggle this year. But one difficulty in particular for students, like junior Shelby Riemenschnitter, has been the lack of day to day...

Students, staff say goodbye to five retiring staff members

Students, staff say goodbye to five retiring staff members

By Miya Liu and Leila Salam July 17, 2020

Five valuable staff members - Susan Wilson, Mary Jo Gunderson, Steve Schmidt, Mary Lund and Nina Swendig - retired at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Each of them uniquely contributed to the HHS...

Social distancing regulations have prevented HOP commissioners from planning an in-person HOP day like in previous years.

HOP forced to go online

By Karuna Chandran and Leila Salam June 30, 2020

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, incoming freshmen will attend a virtual Homestead Orientation Program (HOP) for the first time in HHS history. HOP commissioners Olivia Lee (12) and Bobby Gorelick (11)...

Protests like that of Huntington Beach are lobbying for relaxed social distancing restrictions. What they do not realize is that this will only lead to another spike in cases.

The fight against coronavirus not over

By Leila Salam May 23, 2020

COVID-19 is real. This is more than apparent as the coronavirus has already claimed the lives of 3,054 Californians, according to the LA Times. In order to reduce infection rates and keep people safe,...

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