The Epitaph

Letter to the editor: response to “Racing to the past”

December 19, 2015

Dear Editor, In your recent publication, Aayush Singh covered the upcoming Fisher case and talked about affirmative action. I agree with Mr. Singh’s opinion in full. In addition, I would like to further explain why affirmative action is fatally flawed. Affirmative action has not worked and...

Letter to the editor: The importance of sleep

By Sharlene Liu, Homestead Parent

November 21, 2015

Dear Editor, As a parent at Homestead HS, I am concerned about the overall well-being of Homestead students.  One area that I think would make a significant impact on students' well-being is sleep.  I am dismayed to see that teenagers chronically operate on insufficient sleep and the detrimental...

Letter to the editor: Response to “Tutorial enforcement to be tightened”

November 5, 2015

Dear Editor, After reading through your article on mandatory tutorial enforcement, I have identified various weaknesses with the plan detailed. 1. Instituting the aforementioned plan would cause extreme network stress, further damaging our already weak school network. As a student who is somewhat...