The Epitaph

Spotlight on new staff

By Kate Gabrielson and Era Goel

October 23, 2017

Not pictured: Nicole Zambrano Learning skills teacher Nicole Zambrano came to HHS after studying culinary arts for several years. When she is not teaching or in school herself, Zambrano loves to spend time with her rescue dog and watch “The Walking Dead.” You can find her listening to countr...

Club spotlight: Mock Trial

By Jacqueline Beaufore and Laurel Schmidt

October 16, 2017

Mock Trial is one of the many clubs around campus that competes at conventions. The team is given a case and prepare arguments for their side with their attorneys and witnesses in time for competition season. This rigorous club helps aspiring lawyers get a little taste of what a future in law may...

JNHS promotes Japanese culture

By Eileen Chih

October 13, 2017

Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS)/Japanese Club is a club that provides much more than just community service. It opens up new opportunities for students to learn about a culture that it is very different from the American lifestyle. Japanese Club President Rebecca Zhu said that the club al...

Students reflect on course selection

By Allison Moore

October 11, 2017

  LANGUAGES   Freshman Eileen Hansa switched to Japanese this year after taking Spanish in middle school. “I like sushi… and my teacher is really awesome.” Hansa said. Although Hansa is glad she switched to Japanese, she was surprised by some aspects of the class. “We have to do Japanese ex...

The Incredibles: 2017-2018 Homecoming Court

By Harley Anderson, Nicole Fuller, and Sabrina Kim

October 2, 2017

A nother school year beginning means Homecoming will soon dawn with its exciting theme, Pixar. Ten distinguished seniors have emerged as HHS’ homecoming court. Let’s get to know these inspiring Mustangs! ...

ASL aims to amplify awareness

By Gianella Ordoñez and Katie Fung

September 30, 2017

The third most used language in the US is sign language, according to Senior Avani Modak, American Sign Language (ASL) Club president. It’s one of the many fun facts she has picked up from being part of the club since freshman year. ASL Club teaches sign language to members and provides many oppor...

From my POV: The Great American Eclipse

From my POV: The Great American Eclipse

By Kira Garlick

August 22, 2017

I traveled a round trip of 1,575 miles in four days to see two minutes of total darkness in late August, for the first total solar eclipse in America since 1918. And I almost didn’t go. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for science, nature and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I still hesitated at...

Students share memorable spring breaks

Students share memorable spring breaks

By Lauren Holloway

April 25, 2017

Spring break allows for students to do and see  many amazing things and  junior Eran Naveh, senior Andrea Francu and junior  Audrey Devera all did 3 very different things that make for a variety of stories and memories. Junior Eran Naveh spent his break in sunny Palm Springs where he attended c...

Weekly Challenge: Carry my waste

Weekly Challenge: Carry my waste

By Kira Garlick

April 7, 2017

Each American makes around 4.4 pounds of trash a day, According to the Environmental Protection Agency. That is roughly the size of a chihuahua. I never thought about my trash being around the size of a small dog, but then again I never thought about what I threw away, or how much. It did n...