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Homestead High School's student newspaper

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Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Reflection on HHS athletics

By Macy Li December 8, 2022

Eco-friendly tips

By Macy Li December 4, 2022

A day in the life of principal Giglio

By Madhavi Karthik and Macy Li November 18, 2022

The Epitaph sat down with principal Giglio to learn about his daily responsibilities and his typical schedule. Before school starts “It depends on the day, but I [arrive on campus] anytime between...

A new beginning, a bittersweet end

A new beginning, a bittersweet end

Mirabelle Brathwaite:  Just a few months ago, freshman Mirabelle Brathwaite stood along with the rest of her class in front of staff and family, graduating from Sunnyvale Middle School. Fast forward...

LOWER VOTING AGE: Extending the franchise to 16-year-olds is crucial for American democracy.

The Political Arena: Extend franchise to youth

By Macy Li May 2, 2022

Voting is power. In America, we have long prided ourselves in our democracy and the opportunity to influence the laws that dictate our lives. Voting provides us with a voice — yet, in every election,...

Boys varsity swimmers dive into action in a race against Gunn.

HHS swim senior night

By Joss Broward and Macy Li April 17, 2022

MAJOR STRIDE FORWARD: The fight for equal representation must continue.

Shattering glass ceilings

By Macy Li April 12, 2022

The nation watched history unfold on April 7, as the Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court in a vote of 53 to 47, according to the New York Times. This historic decision cements...

DEHUMANIZING RACIAL MINORITIES: Caricatures lead to the exclusion of certain groups from U.S. society.

The Political Arena: How caricatures perpetuate twisted stereotypes

By Macy Li March 6, 2022

Political cartoons and caricatures have long fueled the dehumanization of racial minority groups in the U.S. Their persistence throughout history has demonstrated the lasting impact of art on societal...

NAVIGATING THE MEDIA: Media literacy shields us from false news.

Media literacy cultivates rationality

By Macy Li February 8, 2022

The uphill battle against the spread of misinformation persists, as the media continues to cultivate false news. With social media sites and news platforms adopting greater roles in society, more of us...

REPRESENTATION IS VITAL: We need people who share the same backgrounds as we do to represent us as one collective community.

The Political Arena: Chasing dreams

By Macy Li November 4, 2021

As a young girl, I spent hours scrutinizing my features, which strayed far from the “American” standard of blonde hair and blue eyes. I had always noticed an apparent lack of representation in virtually...

Meet The Girls Golf Team

Meet The Girls Golf Team

By Christine Kim, Lindsey Steel, and Macy Li October 10, 2021

Click the image to Meet The Girls Golf Team

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