The Epitaph

Boys Varsity Tennis Recap

By Dexter Tatsukawa, Patrick Yu

May 3, 2019

Soundbites: Poster Students

By Laurel Schmidt

April 6, 2019

Boys Varsity Volleyball: Lynbrook vs. HHS

By Emily Choi

April 6, 2019

Sports Soundbites: Girls Softball Recap

By Hana Baig

April 3, 2019

BOTC Dance Highlights

By Steven Lefaive and Claire Torii

March 24, 2019

Sports Soundbites: Girls Soccer Commentary

By Claire Torii

January 29, 2019

Soundbites: HHS Marching Band performs show "Singularity"

By Claire Torii

December 6, 2018

Student Perspectives: Recent Anti-Semitic Terrorist Attacks

By Lyndon Lee

December 4, 2018

Student Perspectives: Observing Columbus Day and Thanksgiving

By Patrick Yu

December 4, 2018

Drama hosts annual haunted house

By Andrea Boyn and Claire Torii

October 31, 2018

Fierce Fhockey Females

By Eden Pollitt, Senior Design Editor

October 20, 2018