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LEARNING SHOULD CONTINUE: Due to increased absences, teachers should upload lessons to Schoology while continuing teaching in class.

COVID absences must not disrupt lesson plans

By Naomi Baron January 25, 2022

Missing a day of school, or even simply a single class, can cause a student — especially in a fast-paced AP course — to fall drastically behind while their classmates continue on with the class’s...

INJURY REVEALS PASSION: Tim Liu decides to step off the football field to help those on it.

Former football player Tim Liu combines love of sports with medicine

By Naomi Baron December 17, 2021

When one door closes, another one opens. After senior Tim Liu became injured during his sophomore football season, he was sent to the school’s athletic training room to do physical therapy. It was there...

Yearbook should assert its rights to fight senior quote censorship

By Naomi Baron December 16, 2021

Around this time of year, seniors may send the The Pegasus, HHS yearbook, their proposed senior quotes to be displayed under their yearbook photo. However, a number of HHS seniors reported having their...

Police called to school in response to threatening email

By Naomi Baron December 16, 2021

Police were called to campus Dec. 7, this time in response to a “non specific threat,” which dean Maria Trejo received in an anonymous email that morning.  Principal Greg Giglio said the email...

Students in AP Physics 1 perform a lab to learn about collisions and momentum.

Labs and COVID-19: the impact on student learning

By Naomi Baron and Olivia Shen December 14, 2021

During the shift to online learning, COVID-19 forced science teachers to shift gears and alter the way that they teach science. Many facets of education were heavily impacted, science included, chemistry...

California law requires new bell schedule with 8:30 a.m. start time

By Naomi Baron December 14, 2021

Governor Gavin Newsom signed Bill No. 328 in 2019 prohibiting high schools from starting classes before 8:30 a.m. and middle schools from beginning instruction before 8:00 a.m. The bill will come into...

A COMPLETE LETDOWN: short guest appearances and repetitive jokes encapsulates the movie.

Jonas brother’s family roast: a complete joke

By Naomi Baron December 6, 2021

A roast, nonetheless a family roast caught my attention. Later learning the family roast would be about the Jonas Brothers on Netflix, my mind immediately began thinking of all the hilarious jokes that...

EASY A STIGMA: APES covers vital information for our future that all students should be educated on and respect.

APES: the most important science class to take in high school

By Naomi Baron June 20, 2021

I saw a TikTok that went viral in the beginning of this school year that made a joke about AP Environmental Science. The video poked fun at the class by saying APES students’ homework is to draw a polar...



By Madhavi Karthik and Lia Klebanov March 16, 2021

Students alleviate struggles during pandemic through art, self-care During the pandemic, many have struggled with their mental health and with learning how to cope with new challenges. According to the...

Ariana Grande’s new album “positions” is what has saved 2020.

Grande moves from ‘Thank u, next’ to ‘Thank u, sex,’ with a twist

By Naomi Baron November 23, 2020

It’s one thing for an artist to produce good songs, but it takes extraordinary talent for an artist to create an album that conveys a real story with emotions that correlate to their past albums. With...

First virtual rally broadcasted to enhance school spirit

First virtual rally broadcasted to enhance school spirit

By Naomi Baron, Lia Klebanov, Mae Richardson, and Ariana Tejeda Moreno September 28, 2020

As distance learning continues, ASB is working to keep the Mustang spirit alive through virtual rallies.  The first rally of the school year took place September 16 during the advisory period through...

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