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EASY A STIGMA: APES covers vital information for our future that all students should be educated on and respect.

APES: the most important science class to take in high school

By Naomi Baron June 20, 2021

I saw a TikTok that went viral in the beginning of this school year that made a joke about AP Environmental Science. The video poked fun at the class by saying APES students’ homework is to draw a polar...



By Madhavi Karthik and Lia Klebanov March 16, 2021

Students alleviate struggles during pandemic through art, self-care During the pandemic, many have struggled with their mental health and with learning how to cope with new challenges. According to the...

Ariana Grande’s new album “positions” is what has saved 2020.

Grande moves from ‘Thank u, next’ to ‘Thank u, sex,’ with a twist

By Naomi Baron November 23, 2020

It’s one thing for an artist to produce good songs, but it takes extraordinary talent for an artist to create an album that conveys a real story with emotions that correlate to their past albums. With...

First virtual rally broadcasted to enhance school spirit

First virtual rally broadcasted to enhance school spirit

By Naomi Baron, Lia Klebanov, Mae Richardson, and Ariana Tejeda Moreno September 28, 2020

As distance learning continues, ASB is working to keep the Mustang spirit alive through virtual rallies.  The first rally of the school year took place September 16 during the advisory period through...

Teri Hannigan and Anthony Nguyen are the newest additions to the Mustang staff.

HHS welcomes new dean, two new assistant principals

By Naomi Baron July 15, 2020

With the new school year approaching, HHS welcomes one new dean, Anthony Nguyen, and two new assistant principals, Terri Hannigan and Geoff Wright, to the administration team. Anthony Nguyen Anthony...

Affirmative Action bill will be placed on Nov. 3 ballot.

California senate passes Affirmative Action bill

By Naomi Baron July 5, 2020

After 24 years of Affirmative Action being banned in California public colleges and universities, the University of California’s Board of Regents unanimously voted to repeal Proposition 209 — which...

Change my mind

Change my mind

By Karen Li, Miya Liu, Naomi Baron, and Sahil Venkatesan June 15, 2020

Back in March of 2020, we filmed this series to get to know the student body better. Little did we know that would be the last time many of us were able to see each other face to face. Check out these...

HHS will be moving the final semester grading system from letter grades to a binary credit/no credit system, according to an email and a frequently asked questions document sent to students and parents on Saturday, April 11. Here are some highlights from that email.

HHS announces it will be moving to credit/no credit for remainder of semester

By Naomi Baron April 17, 2020

HHS, along with every school in the district will be moving the final semester grading system from letter grades to a binary credit/no credit system, according to an  email and a frequently asked questions...

Social media should not be an acceptable campaign platform for those running in a school election.

HHS ensures candidate qualifications trump popularity

By Naomi Baron April 17, 2020

Student council elections are meant to elect the most qualified candidate — not the most popular. But based on the way other schools nearby run their elections, they are clearly missing the point. HHS...

French teacher Kelly Ronsheimer has been posting daily yoga videos and sharing them with staff and students.

French teacher spreads positivity through yoga videos

By Naomi Baron April 7, 2020

During the COVID-19 quarantine and shelter-in-place directives, French teacher Kelly Ronsheimer is spreading positivity by filming 10-minute yoga videos and uploading them to YouTube, daily.  “Whenever...

Athena Tutoring is a online tutoring platform created by HHS students and alumni. The group is adapting to help tutor students during online classes.

Students create Athena Tutoring as platform for online learning

By Naomi Baron April 1, 2020

Named after the Greek goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Athena Tutoring is an online tutoring platform created by current students and HHS alumni.  Through Athena, students can ask questions and...

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