The Epitaph

Model United Nations prepares members for upcoming conferences

By Shruti Magesh

January 8, 2019

H HS Model United Nations is a debate club, where each student competitor represents a delegate from a country and creates a resolution that addresses the respective country’s issue, after debate. Model United Nations values the skill of cooperation in its members, as it is crucial to be able to ...

Cancer Society impacts cancer awareness one step at a time

 Seniors Secretary Jozie Yen and Activities Director Joanne Liu get events ready for the school year

By Katelynn Ngo

January 7, 2019

H HS Cancer Society has been tirelessly preparing and planning for their annual 5K walk/run already, their biggest event of the year. They’ll be setting up a course in the stadium on the morning of Saturday, March 31st, and all people are welcome to come and join them to help raise money for cancer pati...

FPA labs and dissections, other events

Junior Anushka Saran dissected a pig heart during one of FPA’s workshops.

By Katelynn Ngo

January 7, 2019

T he last time Future Physicians of America had a dissection during lunch was  in October, when they dissected a pig heart. In terms of what’s next, FPA is trying to put something together for December, although the specifics are to be announced. “We’re not completely sure [when the next diss...

Staff Christmas Party Photo Gallery

Staff Christmas Party Photo Gallery

By Eden Pollitt, Senior Design Editor

December 17, 2018

Japanese culture celebrated with karaoke social at CHS

Students at the karaoke social got to experience songs in Japanese from a wide array of different time eras and places.

By Dexter Tatsukawa

December 14, 2018

S ong filled CHS’s cafeteria this Nov. 30. The school hosted an annual karaoke social which featured performances of songs sung exclusively in Japanese by students and teachers. The event brought together students and teachers from all over the district to watch and compete in a friendly two-hour ...

Mayor Glenn Hendricks shows students relationship between government, economics

Students had time to ask the mayor questions after his speech.

By Steven Lefaive

December 13, 2018

S unnyvale’s mayor, Glenn Hendricks, partnered with FBLA to deliver a presentation to students about the balance between politics and economics in the city of Sunnyvale. The mayor’s speech took place during lunch on Thursday, Nov. 15, American Enterprise Day, and was organized by Americ...

Mock Trial allows students to explore the field of law

By Shruti Magesh

December 8, 2018

M ock trial works to educate students on the law, through real-life trial simulations and other preparations. “Mock trial deals closely with the law aspects of trial and also deals closely with thinking on your feet,” Katie Rizkalla, Co-Vice President of Mock Trial, said. Mock trial me...

Police called in to resolve altercation on campus

By Renee Wang

November 20, 2018

This article was edited on Nov. 20 at 9:16 p.m. to clarify that the former student was in possession of prohibited items. Aformer student was found loitering in the quad area on Nov. 19, between 7:55 and 8 a.m. The man had come on campus to speak to a former teacher of his, assistant principal Jo...

Honoring Pittsburgh and Kentucky

Poster filled with messages to send condolences to victims.

By Eden Pollitt, Senior Design Editor

November 12, 2018

Last Friday, Nov. 3, leadership took efforts to honor the victims of the Pittsburgh and Kentucky shootings. The activities to support victims was suggested by a student participating in the middle college program who commented on a snapchat promotion for Halloween events, Senior Class President Valeri...

Fire alarm prompts student evacuation for fourth time this semester

Students were evacuated in the smoke-filled air that was a result of Northern California’s wildfires.

By Aishwarya Jayadeep

November 10, 2018

A fire alarm pulled by a student resulted in the evacuation of the school this afternoon, Principal Greg Giglio said. The incident was the fourth instance of a false alarm this year. “It is recurring,” Giglio said. “Officially, what we will do is we will continue to supervise and circulate.” What stood out to Giglio, ...

FBLA competitions starting soon, upcoming tryouts

By Katelynn Ngo

November 7, 2018

H HS Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, will be hosting tryouts for competitions starting on Oct. 22 for written and technology competitions, and on Nov. 5 for speaking competitions. There are three different types of competitions, — written, speaking, and technology — each one han...

Homestead Hacks holds first meeting

November 5, 2018

T he first ever Homestead Hacks meeting was held after school on Thursday, Oct. 25 to an audience of around 10 people. The event was an assembly between parents and Department Representatives, led by Principal Giglio. “There’s several meanings of hack,” English Department chair Debbie Vann...