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STAFF EDITORIAL: Social distancing: the life-changing impact of staying home

STAFF EDITORIAL: Social distancing: the life-changing impact of staying home
Why we must practice social distancing: stay home and save lives
March 17, 2020

School has been canceled. It seems like it’s the perfect time to meet up with your friends at Philz. Except, it isn’t. With 490 confirmed cases in California, according to the San Francisco Chronicle,...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Schools should not overstep their jurisdiction

The game had been occurring after students arrived home after school and on the weekend. Since it was being played off-campus and during students’ recreational time, there is no way the game infringes on school rules.

By defining this game as a violation of school rules, the administration shows just how arbitrary the line is between on-campus and off-campus activities.
February 17, 2020

It all started as a game.  Created by two seniors, each player in “Homestead Assassin” is randomly assigned a target, a student they are meant to “assassinate” with a nerf gun or water balloon...

Letter to the Editor: principal responds to staff Editorial

Principal responds to Staff Editorial in Dec. 11 issue.
January 24, 2020

Dear Epitaph, I wanted to clarify and correct some of the comments made in your Staff Editorial from the December 11 edition titled “What Will It Take To Turn Your Words Into Action” (page 4). ...

Editorial: Executive meetings, club binders are ineffective

Club binders and executive meetings are useless and do not benefit clubs as a whole.
February 2, 2017

Before every executive meeting, club presidents scramble to finish club binder summaries and reschedule tutorials to show up for another meeting that regurgitates the same information of all meetings preceding...

Editorial: A waste of paper, time and practice

Illustration courtsey of Kira Garlick and Elinda Xiao
Why the staff failed AP Biology students
May 25, 2016

It might seem difficult or even impossible to get a perfect score on a final exam in a class as challenging as AP Biology. But somehow, an unusually high number of this year’s students did just that. They...

Editorial: Transparent elections are a must

Results courtesy of the Survey Monkey survey sent to the student body
Democratic values outweigh candidates' feelings
March 30, 2016

When students cast their ballots for next year’s representatives, they play a major role in deciding how the school will be run. The same concern has comes up every year and is never been addressed...

Editorial: Rethinking how we think about college

Dear college admissions, we need to talk about what you want
January 27, 2016

Ask a random senior for college application advice and you’ll most likely get an answer to the tune of “Do what makes you happy. Don’t join clubs just to look good for college and don’t overburden...

Editorial: The mess of ‘Run, Hide Defend’

In case of an emergency, we are all unprepared
January 3, 2016

"It’s just like tying your shoe,” School Resource Officer Tom Bond said, “the more you practice [‘Run, Hide, Defend’ drills], the more comfortable you become.” The problem is that students...

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