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Latinos have a say too

Latinos have a say too

By Lily Adler, Business Manager

November 9, 2015

The summer before my freshman year, I was scared to start in the fall just like every other student in the class of 2016. I was scared for harder classes, new friends and more homework, but mostly I was scared of fitting in. From word of mouth, I knew the school population consisted of mostly white ...

Safety in school, a thing of the past

Tragic school shootings around our country affect  our nation as a whole together

By Yunqi Deng, Reporter

November 8, 2015

The frequency of violence on school campuses, places where students should feel safe, has increased dramatically in the last decades, according to the CDC. Disaster can hit school unpredictably at any moment, and school shootings happen, on average, once a week according to Everytown Gun Safety (EGS...

Controversial homecoming court

Controversial homecoming court

By Gloria Cheng

November 4, 2015

                      Homecoming week is a flurry of activities: dress up days, quad decorations, floats, a parade and perhaps the most exciting for seniors-court. Every year, teachers and staff nominate a...