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No to performance-based pay for teachers

By Patrick Yu and Yukari Zapata

March 6, 2019

Filed under OPINION, Patrick Yu, Yukari Zapata

Teachers already deal with a considerable amount of stress. The barrage of work, from grading students’ papers, to managing the classroom setting, to meticulously planning lessons, is enough for any teacher to feel under pressure. Is it really a wise decision to add to that pressure by basing teachers...

Has Sony finally produced a good Spider-Man flick?

By Patrick Yu

November 4, 2018

Filed under ENTERTAINMENT, Movies, Patrick Yu

You may remember the failed “The Amazing Spider-Man” reboot franchise that Sony released about four years ago. Well now, Sony has made it clear that they are taking another stab at the superhero genre with their untitled cinematic universe consisting of Spider-Man characters. If you don’t under...