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The beef between Antoan Richardson and Mike Shildt shows whats wrong with baseball.

Raymond Rants

By Raymond Ranbhise May 19, 2022

On April 12, the San Francisco Giants beat the San Diego Padres 13-2. While this would be nothing out of the ordinary, this game caused a lot of controversy because the Giants broke an unwritten rule to...

A COMEDIC TWIST: “The Skywalker Saga” keeps the same story as in the movies while adding humorous jokes in the scenes.

LEGO Star Wars franchise reaches new heights with ‘Skywalker Saga’

By Raymond Ranbhise May 10, 2022

After many delays, “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” is finally here and it does not disappoint. The long-anticipated game has a few flaws, but overall the game is incredibly fun to play and well...

Raymond Rants

By raymond ranbhise April 5, 2022

The Seattle Seahawks are dead. After an abysmal 7-10 season, the Seahawks traded away star Quarterback Russell Wilson in a blockbuster trade for the 9th overall pick, the 40th overall pick, a 2022 fifth...

MASKING THE WORLD: Lets educate students to continue to mask up,

New mask mandates provides students with freedom to make own choices

By Aiko Charon and Raymond Ranbhise March 21, 2022

FUHSD recently released a crucial announcement, stating masks would no longer be required on school grounds. In an email sent to families on March 1, the FUHSD said indoor masking requirements would be...

Video Games are a great way to relieve stress

By Raymond Ranbhise February 7, 2022

For me, video games serve as a way to relieve stress after a long day of homework and boring classes, especially on a Friday night when all my friends are playing along. After a long day of work, tryharding ...

Top 10 ways to get an A+ on ur finals

By Raymond Ranbhise December 9, 2021

With every tick of the clock, the most miserable part of the year approaches. As finals come closer, here are the top 10 ways to do well on your finals so your grade doesn’t fall right below an A.  ...

Varsity girls tennis CCS run ends in semifinals

By Raymond Ranbhise, Lindsey Steel, and Vihan Basnayake December 9, 2021

The girls varsity tennis season ended in a 6-1 loss against Menlo Atherton In the CCS semi finals on Nov. 11. The tennis team went 6-9 this season and 4-8 in league play. Despite a rough season, the team...

FRESHMAN TO JUNIOR: Asha Lamanque said she found the club to be a safe and inviting space for all

Turning the Tables

By Raymond Ranbhise November 20, 2021

When junior Asha LaManque joined the table top club two years ago, she didn’t realize the impact it would make on her life and that she would eventually become president. During her time in highschool,...

Hosting advisory during tutorial prevents students from seeking academic help

Hosting advisory during tutorial prevents students from seeking academic help

By Raymond Ranbhise October 10, 2021

Although advisory is important and helps educate students about modern day issues that affect our society as a whole, academics should take priority and hosting advisories during tutorial is detrimental...

JOURNALISM PRESS CONFERENCE: Superintendent Polly Bove answers questions about the future of advisories and how the district plans to educate students about social injustices.

Students, administration reflect on advisory

FUHSD developed an advisory class to educate students on social justice issues and other relevant educational topics for the 2020 school year. After a year of advisories, students and staff are reflecting...

COLLEGES REQUIRE VACCINE: more and more colleges are requiring the covid vaccine for in person students

It’s fair that colleges require covid vaccines in order to come in person

By Raymond Ranbhise June 3, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, over 100 colleges across the country are requiring students to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before arriving on campus in the fall, sparking much debate.  More and more universities...

Facebook is unhappy with Apples new privacy update

Facebook is unhappy with Apple’s new privacy update

By Raymond Ranbhise April 1, 2021

In a new iOS update, Apple will now ask users if they want to be tracked by apps like Facebook with a pop-up asking for permission. As you might expect, Facebook isn't happy about this.   "Apple may...

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