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MENTAL HEALTH CARE: In the U.S., more funding for mental health care should be given to make it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Off the Record: mental health care remains inaccessible, unaffordable

By Shreya Partha October 21, 2021

In our increasingly competitive world, job opportunities are prioritized over lifelong experiences, business partnerships trump friendship and the desire for success overpowers happiness — at least that’s...

A Year With COVID-19

A Year With COVID-19

Click here to see the full story! One year ago today, HHS students received an email stating that schools were going to be closed for the next three weeks. Thoughts of having an unexpected...

From my POV: life through rose-colored glasses

From my POV: life through rose-colored glasses

By Shreya Partha February 14, 2021

I like to think of myself as a realistic person — I see the situation as it is. I bring an umbrella when the skies look threatening, put on a seatbelt while in the car, weigh the pros and cons of each...

Books will never be a dying medium as long as people continue to read and write.

Finding escapism in the written word

By Shreya Partha February 12, 2021

One of the many hobbies I’ve rediscovered during quarantine is the thrill of reading books. Yes, you read that right — reading.  While some may call the hobby outdated, old-fashioned or just plain...

Obsessing over election: A flurry of news outlets bombard me with formidable headlines, as I slowly start to notice my mannerisms changing synonymous with the political climate.

Off the Record: Times of distress expose my unhealthy coping mediums

By Shreya Partha December 6, 2020

The importance of the election is by no means a new concept. As Americans, we have made it our duty to understand each candidate's policies and beliefs, in hopes that Election Day will prove to cater our...

History textbooks need to make more of an effort to address topics like slavery in all perspectives – not just make it seem like Americans are in the right.

Whitewashing American history: textbooks reflect neglect toward slavery

By Shreya Partha and Evelyn Solis October 12, 2020

The Civil War is a pivotal unit in every U.S. history class. The discussion about the divided North and South spurs riveting conversations and debates. But the information we are taught is only surface...

What needs to happen before school can reopen?

What needs to happen before school can reopen?

By Shreya Partha and Alyssa Zimmerman October 8, 2020

Specific requirements must be met if school is to reopen. This video covers these requirements as well as necessary regulations.

While thoughts on returning to in-person instruction are mixed, there remains a hesitation to reopen schools in the FUHSD due to the potential health and safety risks of all stakeholders.

FUHSD reaches agreement to keep schools closed

By Joshua Cantwell Nahrung, Shreya Partha, and Allen Zhang October 2, 2020

During the pandemic, schools, districts and government officials have been tasked with figuring out the logistics of reopening schools so that in the future, it is both safe and reasonable for students...

LOOKING BEYOND OURSELVES: It takes a global pandemic for us to start taking initiative and reexamine our empathy toward the homeless.

It’s time to start caring more about the homeless than ourselves

By Shreya Partha April 25, 2020

As the novel COVID-19 outbreak continues, the challenges homeless people face are becoming increasingly worse. Shelters are either full, closed or replete with the risk of coronavirus to even consider...

IN THIS TOGETHER: Popular talk show hosts, like Trevor Noah, issue comedic relief and promote unity within the community.

Celebrity involvement impacts community positively during COVID-19

By Shreya Partha April 23, 2020

From helping those who are most affected by COVID-19 to streaming free concerts online, celebrities like Trevor Noah and John Legend are helping aid social distancing efforts.  Despite the fact that...

PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK: More than 100,000 workers in the entertainment industry, who heavily relied on their paychecks for basic necessities, are out of a job, according to the LA Times.

Production shutdowns leave crew members without jobs, income

By Shreya Partha April 4, 2020

From major movie releases to late night talk shows, much of the entertainment industry is receiving the fallout of COVID-19’s rapid spread.  Movies, shows and other forms of entertainment are available...

DON’T BLAME VICTIMS: Rape culture normalizes sexual violence and pressures women to give up their freedom in order to feel safe.

Stop promoting rape culture

By Shreya Partha March 19, 2020

Rape culture is real and cannot be ignored. Phrases like “she asked for it” or “boys will be boys” make it seem like it is a woman’s fault for expressing her freedom through her clothes or actions.  Rape...

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