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A cross country community

A cross country community

By Nika Bondar

September 30, 2019

Long distance running, as a sport, offers more than just the well-known health benefits. Cross Country members share a unified feeling of support and develop individual perseverance through practice and competition, senior Nalin Krishnan said.  “It’s super easy to say … 'oh I’m not feeling like stayi...

CCS Game plan: girls volleyball hopes to improve passing, communication

The girls volleyball comes in for a huddle, as they keep their hopes high for the season.

By Shruti Magesh

September 27, 2019

The girls volleyball team stands in anticipation as their teammates are engaged in a heated match against Presentation High School. As senior Krista Colen dives to save the ball, the team erupts in roars and cheers.  The girls volleyball team hopes to head to CCS this year by honing in on certain as...

JV tennis: ‘feeling the rhythm on the court’

By Jane Park

September 18, 2019

HOMESTEAD GIRLS JV TENNIS by Jane Park on Exposure...

Vu’s ‘smashing’ success

Sophomore Thien Ni Vu is one of the only underclassmen on the varsity tennis team. However, she said she uses that position to her advantage, seeking advice from older players.

By Shreya Partha

September 18, 2019

Sophomore Thien Nhi Vu started playing tennis as a pastime when she was just five years old. Vu said she is looking forward to being on varsity this year and winning matches. Although she said she was originally forced by her dad to play on the team last year, Vu has learned to embrace the spor...

Varsity girls golf kicks off new season

Freshman Linette Chang practices her swing.

By Kacey Rebstock

September 17, 2019

With the start of the school year, the fall sports season has commenced. Though the season is notorious for more popular sports like football, smaller teams are also taking stage. One such team is girls varsity golf. With a maximum number of 12 available spots on the team, 13 girls participated...

Field hockey: an unconventional sport

Sophomore Claire Flickner practices on the field with the varsity team wearing her HHS soccer jersey.

By Sara Shohoud

September 17, 2019

The field hockey team has officially kicked off their 2019 season. Field hockey is fairly popular at HHS, but how these players found their way to the sport is even more intriguing. Field hockey is not a common sport amongst children in this area. According to Sports Rec, many play basketball, teeball, ...

‘The desire to get better’: the secret behind water polo goal-tending

Junior Quentin Belitto is one of two goalies this year on the boys water polo team. He and fellow goalie, junior David Andreasyan, practice leg strength training to

By Emily Chung

September 16, 2019

As Coach Sam Hyrne whistles, the boys water polo team begins their scrimmage. While field players work on passing and scoring during practice, goalies follow a different procedure. The majority of players on the varsity team are seniors who have been playing for a long time.  “This is the most ded...

Mustangs lose to Mountain View in season opener, but come back to slaughter SSFHS in game 2

By Dexter Tatsukawa

September 12, 2019

Varsity football opened the season against the Mountain View High School Spartans in a game on Friday, Aug. 30. The game concluded with the Mustangs losing 35-7, with Harold Rucker III scoring HHS's only touchdown during the third quarter. Before the game, coach Milo Lewis knew Mountain View’s skill w...

Girls tennis optimistic for new season despite loss of graduated players

Sophomore Thien Ni Vu works hard at practice, preparing for this season's upcoming schedule of games.

By Katelynn Ngo

September 12, 2019

This year, more than half the players on the girls tennis team are new, JV tennis coach and photography teacher Edmond Kwong said. Nevertheless, Kwong said he has high hopes for the season. “It’s always fun to see what the new players can bring to the team and what type of team chemistry w...