The Epitaph

Boys varsity impresses in first rivalry game

Homestead's win over Fremont was their fourth league win`

By Brittany Prock

January 29, 2017

T he boys varsity basketball team collected their fourth league win Friday, Jan. 20 against FHS. Senior Tyler Liston, center and power forward, said prior to big games coach Shawn Hook does not have the boys practice for a specific team, but more for a specific play the other team might run. Prio...

Freshman shines on the field

“My goal this season is to continue to play well and to avoid injury,” Gupta said.

By Brendan Kane

January 4, 2017

The girls soccer team lost many upperclassmen last year due to graduating seniors and time committed juniors leaving spots open to fill. According to Maxpreps some of the juniors lost include Isabella Rosado, Margo Thornton, Laura Salvaggio, and Kristina Claras. One of the new four freshman players fulfilling...

The weight struggle of a wrestler

By Raven Bautista

January 3, 2017

Photo by Max AskrenLosing one or two pounds may not seem daunting for some people, but for wrestlers, one-tenth of a pound makes all the difference in assessing whether or not they are eligible for a tournament or a match. There are 14 weight classes ranging from 113 to 285 pounds at HHS. Wrestlers are assign...

Boys varsity basketball team prepares for season ahead

Senior Dante Johnson and junior Eric Sathy fight for the ball during a preseason game against Sequoia

By Brittany Prock

December 10, 2016

With 26 total games in the season, 12 of them being league games, the boys varsity basketball team is currently 3-2. The team mostly consists of juniors and seniors, which differs from last years team as it had more variation in grade level. Junior Eric Sonobe, who has been on varsity since sophom...

Football Player also Rugby Player | Sione Moli

By David Coe

November 14, 2016

S enior football player Sione Moli is an All-Star athlete in the sport of Rugby. Moli is from the Tanga Islands of Papua New Guinea and attended Los Altos High School before transferring to HHS during his sophomore year. When Moli transferred he said he was fascinated by the unique vibe HHS port...

Recap of the Game – Homestead vs. Los Altos [Water Polo]

By Claire Torii and David Coe

November 14, 2016

R eporter Claire Torii interviews HHS students competing in a Water Polo CCS playoff game. Thursday October 20, 2016. Players & students interviewed: Coach Sam Hyrne, Kyle Wynne, Charlie Crane and Jack Gregoff. Recap of the Game - Homestead vs. Los Altos [Water Polo] : Filmed by: Davi...

Homecoming 2016 wraps with a packed Friday

The Class of 2018 participates in rally cheer-off. The juniors later won second place in Homecoming 2016 overall.

By Mark Lu

October 20, 2016

After four days of brunch cheer-offs and lunchtime activities, Homecoming day finally arrived last Friday. In place of  tutorial, the Homecoming rally kicked off with a performance by the Marching Band and Colorguard. “I think our performance was… good, especially the bass drum at the end,” sophomore...

Rajah Ward, HHS legend

Ward rushes the ball through the Leland High School defense, Sept. 2

By Mark Lu

September 28, 2016

If you’ve gone to any HHS football game throughout the last three years, senior running back Rajah Ward (#20) has probably scored a touchdown in one of them, and that is not an overstatement. Not only is he an incredible athlete who will leave behind a powerful legacy at HHS, his speed and dexterity ...

Varsity football defeats Leland 27-6 (Gallery)

Mustangs lead 20-0 at the end of the first half.

By Mark Lu

September 10, 2016

On Friday, the HHS football teams faced off against the Leland High School Chargers. Mustangs JV team lost their game 9-0 but the Varsity team beat the Chargers 27-6. Seniors Rajah Ward and Luis Caballero led the way, each scoring a pair of touchdowns. “I think that the most physical team is gonn...

New Kids on the Block (and one Professional)

New Kids on the Block (and one Professional)

By Elizabeth Cook

September 3, 2016

As the 2016-2017 sports season begins, the HHS athletic trainers are hard at work amidst mountains of white tape, ACE bandages and ice packs. Despite their busy schedule, these talented trainers made time for a short interview. Courtney Martin - senior, second-year trainer The Epitaph: Are you ...

Sports teams top district

By Rachel Hildebrand

June 2, 2016

After a year of successful seasons in the pool, in the stadium, at the field and on the courts, the athletics department has reached the top spot on FUHSD’s totem pole which is displayed in the district office. To determine ranks, points are given to each team in accordance with the rigor of the...

Ending a decade long streak

Ending a decade long streak

By James Zhuang

June 2, 2016

Last week, the varsity golf team defeated the number two-seeded Los Altos High School in a close match of 194 strokes to 197 strokes. The win secured the Mustangs a close third place in the division, allowing the team to compete at leagues for the first time since 2003. Had the Mustangs lost the ga...