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The Denome’s Advocate: Fire, fury and a reason to smile in these trying times

By Thomas Denome

November 19, 2018

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I t’s the middle of November and California is on fire. It’s unsafe to walk around outside without a mask on. And the president is talking about the need to perform basic gardening tasks as the solution. Not too much room for optimism, eh? It certainly is hard to be excited about what the ...

The Denome’s Advocate: Democrats, an unruly mob? If only…

By Thomas Denome

October 18, 2018

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Continuing with the American tradition of attempting to paint political opponents as insane and unreasonable, Republicans have a new platform to win the 2018 midterm elections: depicting the Democratic base as an “unruly mob.” President Trump and other Republican leaders have called the Democrat...

The Denome’s Advocate: An anarchist’s perspective on gun control

September 10, 2018

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E very summer, I leave school and come back far more radical than when I left, without fail. Two summers ago, I identified as a progressive and one summer ago I identified as a democratic socialist. Now, in my third year of writing this column, I speak to you as an anarchist. Anarchy, or more spec...

The Denome’s Advocate: California’s crime against inmates

By Thomas Denome

April 30, 2018

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The recent fires in California have wrought incredible damages on the state, particularly in the human cost. According to Reuters and NBC News, 45 people total died between the Tubbs Fire in Napa and the Thomas Fire near Los Angeles. The human costs don’t end with just the deaths, however — some 3,800 of California’s firefighters are inmates battling blazes for a dollar an hour, according to KQED. The inmate fir...

The Denome’s Advocate: Israel, an apartheid state? (Opinion)

April 9, 2018

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Author's note: It has come to my attention that this article has garnered extreme criticism from the opposing perspective. However, after a number of productive conversations on the issue with critics, and doing further research, my stance on the issue has not changed. I understand, though, that many sta...

Student Walk-Out Photo Gallery

March 14, 2018

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Students march from HHS to FHS and Sunnyvale City Hall to protest against gun violence.

The Denome’s Advocate: Show some solidarity to striking teachers

By Thomas Denome

March 5, 2018

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Gun violence as a problem in schools has reached a new level In the news; it is overshadowing the fact that in West Virginia, school has not been happening for the past week. West Virginia educators have been on strike since Feb. 22, claiming they are underpaid. They have continued to negotiate, ...

Same genre, same culture, same upward trajectory for Migos

By Thomas Denome

February 5, 2018

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A lmost a year after their sophomore album, “Culture,” debuted to much acclaim, Migos, the Georgia-based hip-hop trio, released their latest album, “Culture II.” Becoming the subject of speculation inside of the rap community, the project was first teased in June 2017, with a handful of ...

The Denome’s Advocate: A return to the Dark Ages for Silicon Valley

By Thomas Denome

January 22, 2018

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Downtown Mountain View is covered in them. Walk up the Stevens Creek Trail and you’ll probably notice at least three. Heck, according to the Wall Street Journal, they’ve ended up as far as the Burning Man festival in Nevada. I’m talking about a Silicon Valley product, but certainly not the o...