The Epitaph


Homestead High School’s The Epitaph is a five-decade-old institution of the student press. We are a student-run publication without administrative prior review, and have fought for free speech in the Supreme Court. The Epitaph has won numerous CSPA Gold Crown awards, JEA Pacemaker awards and the Scholastic Press Freedom Award. The Epitaph is dedicated to being the primary source of community news for students, staff and community members.

Editorial Policy

All articles published in the Opinion section, with the exception of the Staff Editorial, do not reflect the opinions of the Editorial Board or any staff member other than the author.

The Epitaph encourages readers to express their thoughts and concerns by sending a Letter to the Editor. However, The Epitaph discourages harassment of writers, verbal or written, as well as any actions disrupting students, staff or community members from reading our content.

Directions for sending a Letter to the Editor can be found on the Contact Us page. The Epitaph welcomes all Letters to the Editor and reserves the right to edit, shorten or not publish any submissions without notice.

All readers and community members are invited to view a detailed version of our Editorial Policy, including our publication policies, here.