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INFORMATIONAL PRESS CONFERENCE: A panel of FUHSD district officials answer questions about the upcoming school year

Fall sports season kicks off

By Aiko Charon, Macy Li, Brevin Reed, and Harshitha Vijayakumar September 17, 2021

The fall sports season kicked off in early August, with athletes returning after a year of shortened athletic seasons and restrictions due to the pandemic. Unlike last year, masks will not be required...

Yusim helps a student athlete in the Athletic Training room, where he encourages all students to visit with any questions they may have about injury prevention or recovery or even just general health and nutrition.

Q&A: Athletic trainer Daniel Yusim gives advice on preventing athletic injuries

By Nitya Kashyap June 7, 2021

Daniel Yusim works as HHS’s head athletic trainer, helping athletes and students alike with injury prevention and treatment. The Epitaph reporter Nitya Kashyap sat down with Yusim to discuss sports injuries...

The bell game: The final score for this year’s bell game was, 34-10, Homestead.

The battle of the bell: a years-old rivalry between HHS and FHS

By Ashley Orozco and Xochitl Neely May 10, 2021

The battle of the bell is a well-known game between the Homestead and rival school Fremont. This match is one of the most important games of the season because the winning team gets to keep a bell, which...

Students from nearby school districts joining the competition in 2019 at Oddfellows Lounge.

Esports club: a community more than just video games

By Jack Xu May 10, 2021

Esports is a form of video game-based sports competition. Senior Justin Truong and juniors William Meng and Jay Paek created the esports club on campus to build a community for students with common interests. “Previously,...

Sophomore Addison Heidemann said she feels horseback riding is both exhilarating and nerve-racking.

So you think you can ride?

By Christine Kim April 28, 2021

Electrifying. That’s how sophomore Addison Heidemann said she would describe horseback riding, while feeling those familiar butterflies in her stomach and the wind in her face. “It's always been a...

Senior Rujuta Swadi wears a mask while playing in a match against Los Gatos on March 4.

Girls varsity tennis finishes season 1-13, winning final match

By Nitya Kashyap April 26, 2021

Varsity girls tennis closed out their season at the end of March, clinching their first win in their final match, versus Los Gatos. Junior Mithi More said in a Zoom interview she thinks there are multiple...

The ping pong club was successfully founded by Alan Jian and Michael Xiong in 2019 to build upon their similar interest and bring attention to a lesser-known sport, ping pong club public relations officer Alan Jian said in a Zoom interview. 
	“I often play ping pong with my family,” Jian said. “I just have some fun and some time away from my screen just to be moving a little bit, especially during quarantine.”
	Jian said the ping pong club is not a well-known club at HHS since it was only created a year ago, and is still in the process of expanding to the student community.
	“I was one of the founders of this club,” senior Michael Xiong, vice president of the ping pong club said in a Zoom interview. “We actually started applying to this club in our sophomore year. The first time, we failed, and the second time we succeeded.” 
	Xiong also mentioned that although the strength of the club is the free play, quarantine has forced officers to focus more on media videos in relation to ping pong in order for more students to learn about the club.
“I [have] met several people who play ping pong,” Senior James Jian, the ping pong club president said in a Zoom interview. “Many of them actually play really well, and play competitively. I just feel like the school lacks some kind of ping pong culture and theres literally no space for people who play ping pong.”
	In order to assemble and for more people to experience what ping pong is about, James Jiang said he found that he and other officers, along with his friends, contacted teachers to be advisors for the club and then had to gather different equipment.
	Xiong said he was surprised when James Jian told him he was going to create the club.
 	“I know Monta Vista and a bunch of other schools nearby that all have this club,” Xiong said, “and apparently, were missing this, which I think is a really important cultural element.”
	Xiong also said there isn’t much that can be done during this period of the pandemic except to educate members of the club through online meetings. In the future however, there will be more in-person activities.
	“For many discussions I had with different kinds of people, they dont really think of ping pong as as an actual sport, [but] more as a party game,” James Jian said. “Not many people understand that if you learn it competitively, and you try to understand how professionals play, you soon find out that its much harder than many sports out there when it comes to physical abilities and reflexes.”
	James Jian said for right now, the club is recruiting junior officers, and for those who are interested, current officers will guide them before the official officer selection in order to train those who are enthusiastic and prepare them for the officer role.
	“Ping pong is not an extremely popular sport in America and around where we are now,” Alan Jian said. “However, if you were to foster a larger human community, such as some sort of inter-district league with all of the other schools … that would, increase the interest [and would] definitely gain the attention of more people and players.”

Creation of Ping Pong club: Ideas and progress

By Jack Xu March 31, 2021

The ping pong club was successfully founded by Alan Jian and Michael Xiong in 2019 to build upon their similar interest and bring attention to a lesser-known sport, ping pong club public relations officer...

Members of the football team participated in fall fitness and conditioning last year.

Athletics cleared to start practices, conditioning

By Nitya Kashyap February 4, 2021

H HS athletics finally started season one practices on Tuesday, Feb. 2, according to an email sent to staff by assistant principal Brian Dong. While the county is still in the purple tier, the email...

New sports season 2021

By Miya Liu February 1, 2021
Links, documents and contact information to get ready for the upcoming sport season!
TRIUMPH OVER OBSTACLES: The Wilderness Adventurers Club finds a way to enjoy the outdoors despite health concerns through a socially distant walk.

Wilderness Adventurers Club encourages students to experience world around them

By Alyssa Zimmerman January 13, 2021

The Wilderness Adventurers Club encourages students to go outside and respect nature. “I don't know what each person is dealing with,” senior Sammie Shenon, WAC president, said. “I know that mental...

The Washington R*dskins finally changed their name to the Washington Football Team this year, after years of criticism regarding the cultural appropriation of their former name.

NFL team rebranded Washington Football Team in response to cultural appropriation

By Raymond Ranbhise December 8, 2020

On July 23, the Washington R*dskins finally put an end to decades of cultural appropriation, retiring their racially insensitive team name and mascot, and changing it to the Washington Football Team. The...

A recruiting coach’s advice: how to navigate college recruiting during COVID-19

A recruiting coach’s advice: how to navigate college recruiting during COVID-19

By Joshua Cantwell-Nahrung November 17, 2020

Jeff Amaral is an assistant baseball coach at West Valley College who also helps recruit players to West Valley’s baseball team. The Epitaph report Joshua Cantwell-Nahrung sat down with Amaral in a Zoom...

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