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The Epitaph

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The Epitaph

The team practices a variety of drills to improve their performance in future games.

Leveling up with newcomers

By Christine Kim, Lia Klebanov, and Hope Saena January 19, 2023

The gym is filled with an exciting, sweaty atmosphere. Varsity girls basketball players are clapping for one another as they have just finished practicing free throws before the big game. High fives and...

Coaches received a 2.7 percent raise in stipends for the 2022-2023 school year.

Coaches to receive first stipend raise in 6 years

By Harshitha Vijayakumar December 21, 2022

FUHSD coaches will receive a long-awaited increase in their stipend salaries for the 2022-2023 school year for the first time in 6 years. Principal Greg Giglio said that the wait was a result of the...

Running toward the goal

By Saira Ahmed December 17, 2022

After placing ninth at league championships, Gardner will advance to the state level

Cross country competes at CCS

By Nathan Gu, Erin Loh, and Evelyn Wang December 14, 2022

After a season of tireless perseverance, intense endurance training and countless loops around the track with teammates, 11 members of the cross country team competed at CCS league championships. Held...

Reflection on HHS athletics

By Macy Li December 8, 2022

Yusim treats a student athlete.

Injury prevention on campus

By Faith Watters December 4, 2022

Sports are an essential part of the high school experience and at HHS, athletic trainer Daniel Yusim plays a large role in maintaining this culture. As an athletic trainer, Yusim said his job is to provide...

Players from both the girls and boys golf team have to commute long distances for practices.

Accessibility and inclusivity for all

By Karuna Chandran, David Lin, and Gabriela Salazar November 28, 2022

HHS is home to a variety of sports and facilities for students to play on. There is a swimming pool, a football stadium and tennis courts. So why is there not an area for the boys and girl’s golf team...

OVER THE HILL: Agrawal said shared difficulties help bring the team together, such as in the game against the formidable St. Francis team, where the team worked together to give their opponents a tough fight.

You’re (not) on your own, kid

By Rajiv Venkatesh and Emma Yu November 20, 2022

On the first day of tryouts for the girls volleyball team, freshman, outside hitter Megan Lee said she remembers a senior asking if Lee wanted to be her partner for warm-ups. Once Lee became one of only...

CHANGING UP TRACKS: The cross country program motivates freshmen to improve their times throughout the season.

On your mark, get set, go!

By Brian Ling and Anushruti Nagarajan November 6, 2022

Like many sports, cross country physically and mentally challenges the mind and body through the hours of practice and dedication towards running a successful race. Cross country is a co-ed sport which...

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Colorguard runs off the field after the pregame show and keeps spirits high throughout Friday night football games

Pleasing the crowd

By Manya Girivasan and Veronica Zhao October 31, 2022

One of the more unconventional sports offered at HHS is colorguard, involving endurance, teamwork and artistic vision. It includes a variety of skills, like dancing, flagwork, spinning sabers or rifles,...

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