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From winning matches to having team dinners, the boys golf team has built stronger bonds.

A new team tradition

Throughout the season, the boy's golf team developed a new tradition — McDonald’s team dinners. Senior Kyle Ashe said the team went out for dinner together after both practices and games and the dinners...

Varsity baseball players cheer after winning their senior night game on May 10.

Two home fields: club versus school baseball

By Nicole Kim and Nicole Pimenta Innecco May 22, 2023

For some, sports are a seasonal activity, but for others, sports are a full-time, year-long commitment. This holds especially true for club baseball players and coaches. Club baseball consists of traveling...

Leadership played a key role in the varsity badminton season, varsity badminton captain, girls singles one Jenny Lyu said. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Lyu)

Leadership propels success

By Anderson Picone, Mackie Vu, and Evelyn Wang May 19, 2023

This past season, the varsity badminton team placed at the top of the league, with members performing extremely well in their games, varsity badminton captain, girls singles one Jenny Lyu said. Lyu,...

Catcher, junior Emma Sundland said she hopes to move up to varsity next year and change to another position, such as shortstop or outfield.

JV softball reflects on progress, looks to future after difficult season

By Lindsey Steel, Rajiv Venkatesh, and Faith Watters May 18, 2023

JV softball started their season off strong last year, winning nine of their first 10 games. However, after instrumental players began quitting to focus on school work, the team struggled to replicate...

Senior Aiden Leone said he beat his own record, which was set at CCS in Hollister. (Photo courtesy of Aiden Leone)

Senior varsity swimmer breaks school record

By Nathan Gu and Brian Ling May 17, 2023

Varsity swimmer Aiden Leone unintentionally broke the school record in the 100-yard freestyle event with a time of 46.35 seconds at CCS in Hollister, as a byproduct of the tremendous amount of time he...

Senior Victor Tsai steps up to the role of defensive specialist after a teammate was injured.

Stepping up to the net

By Ella Chan, Faith Watters, and Annabelle Yip May 15, 2023

In high school sports, injuries can hinder a team’s progress, especially when the injured player plays an integral role in the team’s success. Like many high school sports teams, our varsity boys volleyball...

Sophomore, thrower Caleb Xiao said he enjoys the diversity of events within track and field.

Uncovering various track events

By Amber Birrell, Parth Dhaulakhandi, and Brian Ling May 11, 2023

Track and field is a popular sport with almost 60 participants, frosh-soph thrower Caleb Xiao said. Even though it is one sport, it encompasses many events, including long-distance running and throwing,...

Staying motivated despite setbacks

Staying motivated despite setbacks

By Anderson Picone and Mackie Vu May 4, 2023

When the final bell rings, the long hours of work finally come to an end – but for students who participate in sports, the day is far from over.  For many athletes, it is difficult to keep this routine...

Among tennis stars, team members said they look up to Nick Kyrgios, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. All three of these players, from Australia, Switzerland and Serbia respectively, have ranked within the top 20 best singles players in the world during their careers. (Photos from Forbes, The Day and Marca)

Stars on the court

By Erin Loh May 3, 2023

While sports stars are well known for shattering records and redefining boundaries, they can also serve as role models for the next generation of athletes. Many members of our varsity boys tennis team...

Best badminton moves

Best badminton moves

By Brian Ling, Zeinab Rakhshandehroo, and Veronica Zhao April 21, 2023

  Smash by Zahra Rakhshandehroo[/infographic]

Shooting guard, freshman Joshua Lim said he feels unstoppable when playing basketball. (Photo courtesy of Edmond Kwong)

New contenders on the court

By Ella Chan and Helen Tam April 21, 2023

Earning a spot on the boys basketball team is no easy feat, especially given the popularity of the sport at school, frosh-soph coach Kala Wong said. Yet, this year, a handful of freshmen rose to the...

Windian team practices for their upcoming performances during multicultural week and at Sapnay.

Windian team whirls back following year-long hiatus

By Brevin Reed and Rajiv Venkatesh April 21, 2023

Indopak’s senior team, also known as the Windian team, is making its return this year with an all-new group of choreographers and performers. The team plans to perform at brunch during multicultural...

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