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Although the electronic band aiwake has a short discography, each song is a gem that you do not want to miss.

Underrated Artists: aiwake produces imaginative, downtempo beats

By Saira Ahmed September 11, 2023

Driving at blue hour after sunset and a long road awaits: a feeling of calmness and contentment can only be paired with the best music. The indie electronic band aiwake’s discography perfectly fits this...

FEATURES EXECUTED POORLY: Many of Spotify’s updates in the past couple of years have fallen flat.

A never-ending loop of songs

By Saira Ahmed April 24, 2022

Finding new music is something I look forward to every day. I love discovering new songs and artists I have never heard before and seeing what they have to offer. Before Spotify, YouTube’s personalized...

	The red light shines as the word “incomplete” appears on the screen. The three leaders of each unit in Seventeen, Vocal, Hip-Hop and Performance, appear as the song “Intro. New World” starts. A K-Pop boy group, Seventeen held an online concert, “Incomplete,” on Jan. 23, which premiered in 122 different countries. 
	The concert started with a short compilation of small unit stages, which are a small group within Seventeen with two to seven members, featuring songs such as, “BRING IT,” “MY I” and “Flower,”  then transitioned into their popular releases, “Fear,” “Fearless,” “Fallin’ Flower,” “THANKS,” “Lie Again” and “Kidult.” 
These stages had beautiful matching outfits as well as aesthetically pleasing stage sets. 
One thing that stood out was the transitions between each stage and the remixes of each song. Seventeen is a group who always tries to showcase something different for their fans every performance, and looking at their newly reformed stages left me in a state of awe. 
Afterward, they moved on to playing their position unit stages (Vocal, Hip-Hop and Performance), “Back it up,” “Habit” and “MOONWALKER,” as well as their age unit stages, “AH! LOVE,” “Light a Flame,” “HEY BUDDY” and “Do Re Mi.” 
This showcased new remixes of their older songs as well as stages they showed to the public for the first time. During these stages, the members were able to showcase their talents to the audience. 
I enjoyed this because earlier in the show there was not much time for individual members to shine, due to the large size of the group with 13 members. 
	After the unit stages, Seventeen performed more of their group music and remixes and then moved on to the encore stages, an extended stage after their planned performances. 
Usually during an encore stage in K-Pop concerts, the artists wear comfortable clothing while singing and interacting with the fans rather than performing a stage with choreography. During the encore, Seventeen was presented with a recording of their fans, Carats,  singing their song, “Us, Again.” 
I started to tear up when I was watching the members tear up while listening to us singing. After the song, the members went around giving speeches about how they were able to grow up through their experiences with the pandemic and promised to present the fans with improved stages in 2021. 
	The concert ended with Seventeen singing “All My Love,” “My My,” “Campfire” and “Healing,” which helped me relax and forget about all the worries I had with my schoolwork. 
Through the concert, Seventeen once again proved to the public that they are a group with strong vocals and performances. 
Although they were not able to perform their use of encore stages such as “Very Nice” due to curfew, the concert gave me happiness for three hours, allowing me to recharge and motivate me to work harder after the concert.	
There are pros and cons to hosting a virtual concert like Seventeen. Having an online concert allows the fans to watch their favorite artists perform even under the circumstances we are in. This also allows fans from all over the world to watch the concert live.
	Hosting an online concert also allows fans to buy one ticket and share it with their friends and families, spreading the music to others. It also allows fans to comfortably sit in their homes with a couple of snacks, use the restroom, and go on calls if necessary. 
	Finally, online concerts allow groups to use it as an opportunity to present unique stages. For example, Seventeen performed their unit stages with sets such as houses, playgrounds and a jazz bar, which would be hard to move on and off if it was an in-person performance. 
	However, there are some disadvantages, the biggest of those being that fans and artists cannot meet face-to-face. Going to a concert in person is more entertaining for both fans and the artists, especially since artists get the energy to perform from their fans cheering them on. 
	Although the online concert allows more people to watch the concert in their comfort zone, it takes out the whole beauty of cheering on the artists I like with other fans and getting to see the artists live. And artists are not complete without their fans because they give them the energy to perform at a concert and bring them happiness. 
But under the condition we are under, knowing that their fans will be cheering them on at their homes, they are able to pull through the concert and present spectacular stages to the fans. As Seventeen said, “Incomplete, but we are IN COMPLETE.”

“Incomplete but we are IN COMPLETE”

By Seoyoung Hwang February 28, 2021

The red light shines as the word “incomplete” appears on the screen. The three leaders of each unit in Seventeen, Vocal, Hip-Hop and Performance, appear as the song “Intro. New World” starts. A...

For Niki, the album tells a tale about her childhood and growing up, through the eyes of a childs imagination

‘Moonchild’ depicts tale of growing up

By Yukari E. Zapata November 4, 2020

Nicole Zenfanya, professionally known as Niki, is a 21-year-old Indonesian singer, songwriter and record producer. Niki released her third music album “Moonchild” on  Sept. 10. Although the album...

Tesfaye reveals his inner conflicts through a dark, yet beautiful album.

‘After Hours’ illustrates The Weeknd’s past, present

By Miya Liu April 18, 2020

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, more commonly known as The Weeknd, released his album “After Hours” on March 20. The album features his famous falsetto-filled melodies with strong synthesizer quality, accompanied...

“you’ll be fine” is a musical masterpiece

Hot Mulligan touches on sexual assault, break ups, loneliness in new album

By Jane Park March 18, 2020

Recently, Spotify’s algorithm has recommended me to listen to bands like The Story So Far, The Wonder Years and Hot Mulligan. From there, I was hooked on to the variety of pop punk available that I had...

With ‘Fine Line,’ Harry Styles brings the 80s back to your ears.

Adoring ‘Fine Line’

By Anika Karody January 2, 2020

The wait is over. Harry Styles’ new album has finally arrived, and I’m loving it. Having been a fan of his music since his debut with One Direction, I was very excited and anxious to see what this...

Soundtrack to my life: the irreplaceable meaning of music

By Andrea Sun December 18, 2019

I remember the first time I ever associated a song with a relationship: “For Good” from “Wicked.” My younger brother sung it for his elementary school performance and he walked around the house,...

Lil Pump’s ‘Harverd Dropout’ is fun, bouncy and oddly tongue-in-cheek

By Patrick Yu April 25, 2019

Lil Pump, who has never been a particularly minimalistic rapper, has just followed up his self-titled debut with his sophomore album, “Harverd Dropout.” The album’s name is a cheeky reference to...

H.E.R Concert Photo Gallery

H.E.R Concert Photo Gallery

By Harley Anderson February 7, 2019

Bay Area natives H.E.R. closed off her first American tour in San Francisco a week after being announced for 5 Grammy nominations.

The English band released their third album, filled with content reflecting on social media in our generation 
Photo courtesy of The 1975.

A brief inquiry into The 1975’s latest album

By Gianella Ordonez December 14, 2018

A  lot has happened in the two years since The 1975 released their second album “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it,” in 2016. Not just in the world, but in frontman...

 ‘Delta’ stuns fans with new and different tone

Mumford and sons score third No. 1 album

By Laurel Schmidt December 4, 2018

A fter three years of waiting, Mumford and Sons has finally come out with their fourth studio album. “Delta” brings alternative rock back to the top of the charts, reaching number one on Billboard’s...

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