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The Epitaph

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The Epitaph

Junior year was one of ups and downs, but through it I learned more about myself and how to be confident and collected in my own abilities.

The Daydreamer

By Karuna Chandran October 4, 2022

Dear juniors,  Last year was a wild ride. I cannot summarize the junior year experience in its entirety, but it was one that I was deeply immersed in through the highs and lows.  My mantra for...

Green Ops hosts an event to replenish the garden near the baseball fields.

Making the environment greener one year at a time

By Mackie Vu September 26, 2022

Every club sprouts from its roots and founders to its current officers and members. Green Ops, a sustainability club that makes an impact on the environment through informational meetings and volunteering...

100 students attend the first Red Cross club general meeting of the year.

Crossing into the real world

By Lindsey Steel and Anderson Picone September 25, 2022

Some clubs focus on creating change around and within the HHS community. Others try to address issues on a national or international scale. The Red Cross club does both. Whether it is creating cards for...

Perseverance, Endurance, Fulfillment; Marching Band works long hours to create new field show

There’s no place like home

By Manya Girivasan and Veronica Zhao September 19, 2022

The sun beats down relentlessly on the burning turf.  “Reset!” John Burn calls from the press box. For a second, chaos erupts on the field, as band members scramble into a different formation. The...

THE OTHER SIDE: Junior Coline Gingembre said she directed her first production, “Lockdown”, after being an actor in several plays.

From newcomer to director

By Saira Ahmed May 31, 2022

Lights are on and actors are running around, but for once, she is not one of them. She is on the other side, directing every movement and line to create the perfect production.  Junior Coline Gingembre...

Leadership focuses class on inclusivity and anti-racism

By Naomi Baron and Shreya Partha May 30, 2022

The leadership elective within HHS is known by many, but little is known about how the class is run and what occurs within the class on a day to day. Contrary to what one might think, leadership students...

DISCOVERING MY PASSION: In order to be able to find out what mattered to me, I had to experiment and try new things.

The Daydreamer

By Karuna Chandran May 30, 2022

Finding a true life passion is not an easily achievable task. It is also not one that immediately came to me.  I have always been a relentless planner, wanting everything in my life to either be resolved...

FOOD DISTRIBUTION EFFORTS: PTSA parents, teachers, board members pack food food from the Nov. 10, 2021 food pantry.

Lack of PTSA student involvement is a missed opportunity

By Nicole Kim May 30, 2022

Homestead’s Parent Teacher Student Association, more commonly known as the PTSA, differs from traditional parent organizations for one thing – its inclusion of students. From the many conversations...

A CLUB REVIVAL: With the hard work from officers, BSU brings together members and officers.

BSU makes a comeback with more member involvement

For many years the Black Student Union has struggled with member involvement —  and the beginning of this year was no different. However, that changed after officers placed significant emphasis on...

KNOWING TWO LANGUAGES: the pros and cons of being bilingual.

Hidden aspects of being bilingual

By Chloe Wong May 4, 2022

Language is the doorway to the vast world of culture, expression and communication. Those who are bilingual get to explore twice as much of that vast world, but with it comes some unexpected experiences....

MORE COMFORTABLE SETTING: Kunz said she surrounds herself with people who embrace her for who she is.

Anti-semitism advisory scratches the surface of prejudice against Jews

By Brevin Reed April 30, 2022

HHS has covered a multitude of topics in their advisories this year, ranging from mental health to Black History Month to gratitude. As part of their latest May advisory, the administration decided...

MOTIVATING MINORITY STUDENTS: More events such as the STEMtrum: Gender Diversity in STEM event should be held in order to support minority students pursuing STEM.

Working towards a more diverse STEM workforce

By Zeinab Rakhshandehroo April 28, 2022

As the field of STEM begins to dominate the country, more attention is being placed on the demographics in this field, specifically the diversity within the Bay Area. Currently,  the STEM workforce is...

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