The Epitaph

From my POV: Dear quiet people

By Hana Baig

May 30, 2019

Quiet people are quiet for different reasons. Some people suffer from anxiety that lead to their unconsented stifled voice. Some simply may not desire to talk. Others are somewhere in between, a blend of factors defining their quietness — the quiet being a part of their nature. My quietness fal...

The rebirth of creativity

By Shreya Parthasarathy

May 29, 2019

The Renaissance. An era epitomizing rebirth. A turned leaf for literature, art and philosophy. As high schoolers, we are faced with many social pressures, stress from home, and the ever burdening thought of college. To escape the monotonous current of life, students at Homestead indulge in many hobbies...

Cupcakes, dad jokes and 2,000 subscribers

By Nika Bondar

May 29, 2019

A ll year long, the corridors of Homestead are flooded with complaints and suggestions regarding the standard mechanics of teaching, such as lecturing and note-taking. Yet, with the upcoming end of 2018-2019, students have opened up their hearts to share some appreciation. First off in the countdown, according to sophomore Zachary Gabrielson, is Gary Auten...

Interact club rebuilds agenda after comeback

By Pranavi Abburi

May 17, 2019

I nteract Club was one of the largest volunteer clubs on campus and has been off the radar for two years due to previous officers being negligent in attending the executive meetings, sophomore Mehek Mehta said. Mehta and junior Anna Le Saint, co-presidents of Interact, worked to build Interact back up from scratch. “Last year, there were no official ...

Cultural, religious clubs create sense of community

By Dexter Tatsukawa

May 13, 2019

Clubs provide students with a way to meet new people through shared interest. Through their nature, clubs create a sense of community among members. For many students, this sense of community is one of the draws of clubs. Junior Lior Kishinevsky’s membership in the French National Honor Society w...

Sushi Social attracts fans of Japanese cuisine

By Dexter Tatsukawa

May 10, 2019

Food is a major part of every culture’s identity. In keeping with that theme, the Japanese National Honor Society hosted a sushi social on May 10 to teach students how to make Japanese food. JNHS member, sophomore Erin Su, said most JNHS socials tend to share a lot in common. “A lot of our...

Diya Agrawal: the girl behind the wheelchair

By Nika Bondar

May 9, 2019

"It happened recently, actually, some group mates of mine in the assignment were … I wouldn't say blatantly leaving me out, but it was kind of like ‘you can have the leftovers, you can have the leftover assignment, we can make jokes about your disability … like oh, haha I wish I was paralyzed...

District art show displays student creativity

District art show displays student creativity

By Miya Liu and Matthew Yu

May 4, 2019

T he imaginative creations of FUHSD students have no bounds. From April 15 to May 17, select FUHSD students’ best artwork is available to view at the Student Ed Center at the Vallco Shopping Center. The show will feature approximately 100 pieces from HHS. The art itself is highly diverse; the displ...

Becoming an open book

By Alfonso Pitco III

March 28, 2019

One big aspect a lot of us tend to hide about ourselves is our past life and hardships. Thus, we never truly get to know or understand a person. However, senior Cianna Burse has the courage to be an open book. Burse's parents divorced when she was only six, which she said was difficult for her. ...

BOTC dance highlights

By Steven Lefaive and Claire Torii

March 24, 2019

Do students feel welcome?

By Pranavi Abburi and Dexter Tatsukawa

March 17, 2019

As students are an integral part of any school, schools do their best to ensure they feel safe and welcomed during their experience. Student advocate Steve Schmidt is part of the staff that makes sure students feel comfortable on campus. “I want everyone to feel comfortable and not stressed,“...