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AP music theory teacher Jeff Morton works with students in his class to analyze notated music. (Photo courtesy of Alan Ma)

Behind the scenes of AP music theory

By Naaga Senthil February 24, 2024

To many students, AP music theory is often overlooked as an AP course and is not seen as a “popular” course, sophomore Alyssa Miyai said. Due to AP music theory being one of the only two AP art courses...

Co-vice president Advait Kulkarni explains how to maximize profit on monopoly graphs.

Economics beyond the classroom

By Sanah Arya February 9, 2024

HHS has no shortage of AP courses, ranging from chemistry to government. One course missing from this broad selection is AP economics, social studies teacher Christy Heaton said, but students may self-study...

The Jewish Student Union gathers at Homestead Bowl for a fun, outside-of-school social which creates a closer community, president Mai First said.

Building bonds while bowling

By Jonathan Xue February 7, 2024

Multicolored lights illuminate the glistening alley of Homestead Bowl on Jan. 28 as Jewish Student Union members eat food, hurl bowling balls and form connections with each other. Throughout the school...

Digital art teacher Edmond Kwong said he prioritizes connecting with students through sharing personal stories.

Capturing students’ attention, connecting through art

By Danielle Feldsher February 3, 2024

Edmond Kwong, who single-handedly leads the photography and multimedia department, said he did not start his career path as a teacher. Before coming to HHS, he worked at multiple high-tech companies...

Having two separate biology clubs was redundant since their goals are so similar, vice president Kevin Chang said.

Building a bigger, better bio club

By Brian Ling February 2, 2024

Due to their similar subjects, biology olympiad has merged with biology club at the end of first semester, co-president Soham Nanawati said. Originally proposed by biology club, the two clubs eventually...

School-based therapist Sarah Loyd said she recommends that anyone hoping to focus on their mental health this year give themselves positive affirmations every day.

Students, staff step into new year with mental health as a priority

By Mikha Pilar and Annabelle Yip February 2, 2024

At the start of every new year, people often take the opportunity to create resolutions they will commit to. These resolutions work differently for everyone, but are an important commitment, school-based...

The speech officer team discusses upcoming tournaments.

Out of a slump, into the spotlight

By Adam Orrin December 6, 2023

The speech and debate team has always been an entirely student-run organization, impromptu committee officer Henry Hu said, creating challenges for the club as they struggled to succeed. However, recent...

Math teacher Robert Igoe said he enjoys helping students solve problems by using real-world scenarios.

Connecting the world with data

By Varun Vijay Mani November 22, 2023

After he worked at his first teaching job, math teacher Robert Igoe said a district staff member asked him if he would be interested in filling a vacancy at Prospect High School for a statistics class...

At Quinlan Community Center, choir teacher Jeff Morton and members of the choir prepare for the upcoming Cupertino Tree Lighting Ceremony. Morton said he hopes students get a chance to sing freely and reconnect with friends during the ceremony.

Singing it up with cheer

By Alan Ma and Naaga Senthil November 6, 2023

As the holiday season begins to roll in, Santa Clara County prepares to light up the night sky with colorful Christmas trees and attractions. Choir students will join fellow community members in performing...

Psychology club meets for their biweekly general meeting and plays a trivia game.

Clubs drive passion for medicine, wellness among students

By Sanah Arya November 3, 2023

With various science and health clubs on campus, students have the opportunity to develop deeper interests in medicine, wellness and research, Future Physicians of America treasurer Mika Cohen said. Out...

Smaller events such as painting terracotta pots are enjoyable and help spread environmental awareness, GreenOps secretary-treasurer Alana Stillman said. (Photo courtesy of Jacob Chen)

GreenOps discusses gardening events

By Parker Lin November 3, 2023

Gardening is a great hobby that helps the environment in the process, GreenOps secretary-treasurer Alana Stillman said. Club officers are planning more gardening events for this school year to spread environmental...

A small team of Red Cross members uses a tarp they found on the ground to move the trash to the designated space.

Red Cross hosts trash pick-up at Stevens Creek trail

By Aviv Matas November 1, 2023

This past weekend, 30 Red Cross volunteers set out on a mission: to clean the area around the Yuba Drive entrance of the Stevens Creek trail. Volunteers split into smaller groups to cover sections of the...

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