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Doing photography with other people helps because you can be guided by your peers experience, club member Maya Yatziv said.

Life in Focus-es on student interest

By Maya Dutt September 24, 2023

Life in Focus photography club aims to provide a forum for photography enthusiasts to learn, practice and connect with each other through photography, activities manager, senior Noelle Lee said.  The...

Freshman Reva Karri said she is excited to run for the freshmen class cabinet.

Starting the rough track

By Mackie Vu and Catherine Yang September 22, 2023

After graduating middle school, there comes a new set of high school freshmen every year. With that comes a new set of expectations, and many of them are not met, freshman Reva Karri said. Looking forward...

Ceramics teacher Jodi Johnson poses with her ceramic sculpture.

Sculpting a new beginning

By Danielle Feldsher September 22, 2023

With clay in hand and a fresh outlook on the year, new teacher Jodi Johnson is taking over the ceramics wing this year after the previous teacher, Katie Schiltz, retired.  Looking to implement her...

French National Honor Society president Sophie Park and club adviser Kelly Ronsheimer provide club information and explain action items.

Fostering fondness for French culture

By Jonathan Xue September 20, 2023

Crepes, cheeses, chocolates and croissants are all foods provided at the French club and French National Honor Society events, club president Sophie Park said. The clubs hope to improve the clubs this...

Members participate in a Blooket game surrounding the meeting’s content.

Securing the year

By Brian Ling September 19, 2023

In today’s technology-dependent society, cybercriminals are a threat to everyone. Because of this, cyber security club hopes to educate its members on how to stay safe online, while also teaching them...

Students participate in one of the government classes held at HHS.

Youth feel dispassionate, unheard in politics

Although today’s tense political climate may feel distant to high school students, junior Kaci Freeman said politics is a more important issue than many youth perceive.  Participating in politics...

English and drama teacher Alana Caires said she believes theater has the power to bring out a different side of people and to tell important stories in an enjoyable way.

‘Total drama geek’: Alana Caires takes the stage as new drama teacher

English teacher Alana Caires said she began her acting journey in elementary school, performing in a musical production of “Hansel and Gretel.” Now, that journey has come full circle as she takes over...

“Making the tensegrity bench was hard,” AP physics C student, junior Michelle Kuan said. “We struggled on the precision and it also didn’t hold our teammate’s weight, which broke it.” (Photo courtesy of Nathan Jeon)

Students wrap up AP season with final projects

By Nathan Gu June 1, 2023

With AP tests ending on May 19, many AP science classes across campus are finishing off the rest of the year with a final project, junior Michelle Kuan said. These projects are meant to allow students...

Samuel Fung works with students in his AP chemistry class on an experiment related to batteries.

Chasing passions: AP chemistry teacher researches lithium ion batteries

By Nathan Gu May 30, 2023

Walking into the lab, thumps of the mortar and pestle pounding battery paste fill the room. After putting the lithium-ion battery into the discharge machine, tiny red lights illuminate along a row, each...

Sapnay contains performances from the five Indopak teams, a teacher dance and an officer team dance, so many parents and students come to watch, Indopak co-president, junior Nitya Peumans said.

Behind the scenes of Indopak’s dance showcase

By Brian Ling and Evelyn Wang May 25, 2023

On May 20, Indopak hosted its annual showcase, Sapnay, where dance teams around the Bay Area gathered in the large gym to showcase their culture and work from the past year, Indopak treasurer Vidushi Goyal...

Physics teacher Danny Nunez said he hopes that students will have as much of a fun experience as he does teaching.

Pursuing dreams: a life-changing realization

By Nathan Gu May 24, 2023

Starting his freshman year, physics teacher Danny Nunez walked into his physics classroom and witnessed a great sense of enthusiasm from his physics teacher, who wholeheartedly expressed his love for science...

My first time acting outside of school was during drama clubs first murder mystery, where I played Wyleen Black, a reporter for the tabloid newspaper, investigating the affairs of the north and south gangs of Chicago in the roaring 20s. (Photo courtesy of Yenting Lin)

POV: From the eyes of a theater student

By Gabriela Salazar May 22, 2023

In my freshman year, I had the choice of choosing between ceramics or drama for an elective, and I was placed in drama. I was nervous at the idea of performing on stage in front of strangers for the first...

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