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COMMUNICATION AND TRUST: Main characters Nick and Charlie represent a healthy gay relationship.

‘Heartstopper’ paves the way for LGBTQ representation in media

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco and Aiko Charon June 3, 2022

Queer representation in media tends to be the bare minimum or focuses on negativity— from token gay characters who feel out of place to titles that emphasize sexuality over everything else, it is a mixed...

MS. KATHANI SHARMA: While Sharma’s identity is referenced throughout the show, “Bridgerton” made sure to make her defining characteristic her fiery personality.

“Bridgerton” beautifully tackles South Asian representation

By Niyatee Jain May 4, 2022

As the orchestral version of the titular song from the popular Bollywood film “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” plays in the background of Ms. Edwina Sharma’s haldi ceremony, it becomes abundantly clear...

The deeper messages embedded in the plot kept me glued to the show, episode after episode.

‘Firefly Lane’ weaves powerful messages into plot

By Macy Li March 20, 2021

Filled to the brim with stunning cinematography and sparkling costumes, the new Netflix TV show “Firefly Lane” captivated my attention from the moment I began watching. At first glance, “Firefly...

The new season is filled with excitement and three strong female leads dominating the screen.

‘The Crown:’ reputation ruiner or entertainment

By Lia Klebanov January 18, 2021

As a fascinating drama that lets the public have a fictionalized look at what actually happened behind closed palace doors, season four of “The Crown” does not disappoint. The Netflix original premiered...

Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Beth Harmon in the Netflix series The Queens Gambit.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ a captivating story

By Amber Birrell January 9, 2021

When I first heard of “The Queen's Gambit” I was skeptical of it but after watching the first episode, I was pleasantly surprised. It felt fresh and new and unlike anything I had ever watched. The...

“Grand Army” centers around the lives of five Brooklyn teens from different backgrounds.

‘Grand Army’ suffers from low-quality writing, bad handling of social issues

By Allen Zhang January 4, 2021

With different teen drama series like “Euphoria” and “13 Reasons Why,” newcomer “Grand Army” attempts to — and epically fails to — set itself apart from the rest of its companions. “Grand...

Lily Collins stars as Emily Cooper in the Netflix series Emily in Paris

‘Emily in Paris’ falls flat on its designer heels

By Christine Kim October 25, 2020

Netflix’s new series, “Emily in Paris,” premiered on Oct. 2 and was a hit, immediately making it onto the top ten list for the Internet TV network.  Full of charming clichés, the show was...

Comparing price, quality and the best TV recommendations from each platform.

Hulu vs. Netflix: which streaming platform is right for you?

By Renee Wang April 23, 2020

I watch an embarrassing amount of television — so much so that I use two streaming platforms, Netflix and Hulu, because I had exhausted almost all of Netflix’s options. Today, I’m going to break...

The Netflix Original docuseries incited hilarious trends and memes highlighting ridiculous aspects of the show.

‘Tiger King’ reveals world’s absurdity, even before COVID-19

By Andrea Sun April 21, 2020

It has been long overdue – the hype is almost gone, the memes have died down and the search for Carole Baskin’s “missing” husband has gone underway. Despite this, I have only now processed the...

“The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez,” a true crime documentary series released as a six-part miniseries on Netflix on Feb. 26, explores the horrific events of Gabriel’s murder and abuse and puts to question the numerous systems that allowed Gabriel to slip through its fingers to his death.

Justice for Gabriel

By Karen Li and Saanvi Thakur March 22, 2020

“I remember that his throat looked like somebody burned him ... bruising and cuts all over his face ... black eyes and a bullet in his lung,”  the ambulance bay nurse who treated Gabriel Fernandez...

Sydney (Sophia Lillis) and Stanley (Wyatt Oleff) capture the endearingly painful awkwardness of adolescence.

‘I am not okay with this’ makes promising debut

By Karen Li March 21, 2020

“Hi. My name is Sydney. I’m a boring seventeen-year-old white girl.” With this charming introduction, we are thrust into the world of Sydney Novak, who is, as she says, a seventeen-year-old...

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