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MOVEMENTS IN MUSIC: Franklin’s “Respect” was ahead of its time in terms of its message and gave women an anthem to fuel the fight for their rights.

Movements in Music

By Niyatee Jain May 31, 2022

Music is a powerful mechanism for sparking social change and starting meaningful conversations about important issues. Artists have risked their careers every day by shedding light on controversial subjects...

Emergence of BeReal app signals a shift toward a healthier society

By Naomi Baron May 30, 2022

Scrolling through social media apps, whether it be Snapchat, VSCO or Instagram, teenagers are constantly consuming content that has been heavily edited with apps or manipulated by filters. For so long,...

PERFECT SUMMER ACCESSORIES: Shield sunglasses and tote bags are great additions to any summer outfit.

Fashion Police: Exploring summer accessories

By Amber Birrell May 25, 2022

By far my favorite part of summer fashion is the accessories. Whether it is a cute pair of sunglasses or dainty jewelry, these seasonal essentials can easily dress up or down any outfit. All over social...

DANGEROUS BEAUTY STANDARDS: society should stop enforcing unrealistic body ideals because they negatively impact relationships with food and exercise.

Body standards and weight stigmas: harmful and useless

By Leila Salam May 25, 2022

In the society we live in today, body image issues are common in the United States and are especially prominent in young adults, according to a study by the National Library of Medicine. We are constantly...

mxmtoon and Chloe Moriondo captivate the audeince with their vocals, instrumentals, and visual effects

mxmtoon’ shares her growth, fosters community with ”rising: the tour”

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco and Dan Penalosa May 21, 2022

Blue. Green. Purple. All these brilliant colors illuminated the stage of the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco when I got to watch Maia perform. Known on stage as mxmtoon, she is famed for her breakout...

PIXAR’S NEW FILM: Studio releases a heartwarming film on growing up with family and social expectations.

‘Turning Red’ speaks on the difficulties students face

By Chloe Wong and Aiko Charon May 10, 2022

While Pixar is not necessarily known for deep movies, Pixar’s new movie, “Turning Red,” brings many firsts into the industry. “Turning Red” is an animated comedy about a joyful, talented and...

A COMEDIC TWIST: “The Skywalker Saga” keeps the same story as in the movies while adding humorous jokes in the scenes.

LEGO Star Wars franchise reaches new heights with ‘Skywalker Saga’

By Raymond Ranbhise May 10, 2022

After many delays, “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” is finally here and it does not disappoint. The long-anticipated game has a few flaws, but overall the game is incredibly fun to play and well...

MS. KATHANI SHARMA: While Sharma’s identity is referenced throughout the show, “Bridgerton” made sure to make her defining characteristic her fiery personality.

“Bridgerton” beautifully tackles South Asian representation

By Niyatee Jain May 4, 2022

As the orchestral version of the titular song from the popular Bollywood film “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” plays in the background of Ms. Edwina Sharma’s haldi ceremony, it becomes abundantly clear...

FEATURES EXECUTED POORLY: Many of Spotify’s updates in the past couple of years have fallen flat.

A never-ending loop of songs

By Saira Ahmed April 24, 2022

Finding new music is something I look forward to every day. I love discovering new songs and artists I have never heard before and seeing what they have to offer. Before Spotify, YouTube’s personalized...

HIGH EXPECTATIONS DEFLATED: Wallows releases an underwhelming album despite having the capability to make better quality music.

‘Tell Me That It’s Over’ please

By Saira Ahmed April 1, 2022

I had high expectations for “Tell Me That It’s Over” as I enjoy many of Wallows’ songs. “These Days” and “Remember When” have been my go-to's for the past couple of years, so I was excited...

ARE THEY WORTH IT: Known as the most coveted music awards in the industry, the Grammys continuous snubs and history of racism make it difficult to actually consider them an indicator of success.

Movements in Music

By Niyatee Jain April 1, 2022

As the 64th Grammy Award ceremony approaches this Sunday, we must not lose sight of the fact that awards do not equate to an artist’s success and quality. With a history of not nominating certain races...

IDENTIFYING ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR: West’s continuous attacks against Kardashian and Davidson show signs of emotional abuse.

Movements in Music

By Niyatee Jain April 1, 2022

In the wake of “Donda 2” and a recent divorce, Kanye West has taken to Instagram to discuss his emotions about his separation. In a tirade that has been going on for a month, West has posted multiple...

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