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How one contestant saved ‘The Bachelor’

Maria Georgas brings new audiences to the show

At the start of every season of “The Bachelor,” I tune in from my couch to meet all of the new contestants I will get to know in the next ten weeks but one immediately stood out.

With her natural charisma and Canadian accent, Maria Georgas is ABC’s newest star. (Photo from US Weekly)

Typically, the frontrunners, villains and women for pure comedic relief are all established early on. For show producers, each woman has a role to play in their manufactured storylines. But what you cannot manufacture is the allure of Maria Georgas, the contestant who has taken the Internet by storm on the 28th season of “The Bachelor,” which premiered in January. 

Georgas has turned ABC’s hit reality show upside down. In all my years of watching, I have never seen a contestant like Georgas, and certainly not a fan response close to the buzz Georgas is creating online. X users are posting their pleas for her to become the next bachelorette, people are posting themselves distraught at her elimination in the eighth episode. Even my friends, who never watched the show before, talk about how much they love her.

Just one year ago, it looked like “The Bachelor” was nearing its end. Ratings were at an all-time low, according to Business Insider, and it seemed like there was no way for “The Bachelor” to return to what it once was. But thanks to Georgas, a new wave is being ushered in. Video clips of her capture attention on TikTok, gathering more first-time watchers. As active users of social media, Gen-Z is also starting to catch on, even if the show’s typical audience is middle-aged women. 

In fact, the ninth episode of the season, released March 11, has amassed more viewers than any episode in the entire franchise since the dramatic finale episode in March 2022, according to Variety

But what makes Georgas so likable? It is simple: she is authentic, and that authenticity comes through the screen. The way she talks to lead Joey Graziadei is relatable and makes their relationship worth rooting for. While every other contestant blabbers about how they are falling in love while talking with Graziadei, Georgas makes “that’s what she said” jokes and teaches him French. Their banter sounds just like a normal conversation. 

Furthermore, Georgas approach to dealing with drama is fierce, as she never backs down. As I start to get frustrated watching other contestants insult and attack Georgas with false, unnecessary accusations, I sigh with relief when Georgas pushes back. 

Not only is a strong, confident woman enjoyable to watch, but she also acts as a great influence. For all girls, young and old, watching Georgas strut into a two-on-one date or open the car door for herself may be the inspiration we need to stand up for what we believe in. Georgas teaches viewers to be independent and know that it is okay. 

Ultimately, deciding to cast Georgas as a contestant may be why “The Bachelor” turned around and became a reality TV goldmine again. However, the producers still have one more decision they need to make: casting Georgas as the lead of the next season of “The Bachelorette.” 

If they want us to continue turning on our TVs every Monday night, this should be a no-brainer. Give the people what they want. It is time. It is time for the franchise to start appealing to the next generation and keep the show alive. If they let this critical opportunity go to waste, there is nobody to blame but themselves. 

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