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Is it a sport?

By Rajiv Venkatesh December 1, 2021

With each coming week, high schoolers look forward to attending one of the most popular sporting events at HHS: football games. While many come to socialize or watch the game, the marching band, color...

 DEVELOPING NECESSARY SKILLS: Walch builds her communication skills by attending to an order over the phone, at the bakery she works at, Sugar Butter Flour.

Leading with Knowledge

By Harshitha Vijayakumar November 30, 2021

Many students would consider themselves to be overachievers in their academics. Still, there are a few students who seem to go above and beyond, juggling their studies and extracurriculars on top of a...

TIME FLIES BY: Adele’s new album is a culmination of her life experiences as she grows older

‘30’: mature heartbreak, separation, delicate love

By Nicole Kim November 30, 2021

Listening to Adele was my childhood. I remember playing her CDs in our minivan and singing along to her albums during long road trips. As I have grown older my perspective on Adele has changed and matured;...

Sophomore Elisa Floyd participated in Job Shadow Day.

Looking back on Job Shadow Day

By Nicole Kim November 30, 2021

Students looking to immerse themselves in a profession of their interest were given the opportunity to do so in the PTSA Job Shadow Day Program that occured Nov. 11-14. Parent volunteers hosted virtual...



By Erin Loh November 24, 2021

Tasteful Apple Treats for Fall

Tasteful Apple Treats for Fall

By Joss Broward and Madhavi Karthik November 21, 2021

Click the image to Check out Epitaph's Tasteful Apple Treats for Fall

FRESHMAN TO JUNIOR: Asha Lamanque said she found the club to be a safe and inviting space for all

Turning the Tables

By Raymond Ranbhise November 20, 2021

When junior Asha LaManque joined the table top club two years ago, she didn’t realize the impact it would make on her life and that she would eventually become president. During her time in highschool,...

The photography club takes pictures of the sunset together at their first off campus meetup.

Frame the moment

By Seoyoung Hwang November 17, 2021

 In hopes to take a snapshot of a beautiful sunset together, the Life in Focus photography club had their first meet up in Rancho San Antonio on Oct. 17. The social event was an opportunity for the club...

TWITTER ACCOUNT SUSPENDED: President Trump’s twitter account was permanently suspended on Jan. 8.

Social media censorship is legally correct, ethically questionable

By Nicole Kim November 16, 2021

In the age of digital media, information is spread to millions of people in seconds, and the control social media companies have on information is immense. These private companies are allowed to deny service...

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: The athletic training team is constantly practicing and developing their skills.

Behind the athletes

By Ariana Tejeda Moreno November 16, 2021

While students attending sports games come to see the team compete, many do not see the operation which is the athletic training program keeping them healthy and prepared to play. The trainers at HHS assist...

Appreciation through downtime: Students will be more appreciative of the learning opportunities given at school when given downtime throughout the year.

We need a break from the pressure

By Anushruti Nagarajan November 16, 2021

It’s almost August. After a long and relaxing two month break, you have to suddenly adjust to the draining routine of going to school everyday and managing the crazy workload of academics and extracurriculars....

“Attacca” allows the audience to feel loved and share love to their loved ones when listening to the tracks.

Seventeen shares “power of love” through their album, ‘Attacca’

By Seoyoung Hwang November 16, 2021

With their 2021 project, “Power of Love,” the 13 member self-producing K-pop boy group Seventeen released their ninth mini-album, “Attacca,” on Oct. 22. As a big fan of Seventeen, I have been counting...

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