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Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Choir performance inspired by Vivaldi

By Avalon Allen March 19, 2018

On Feb. 1, choir and band joined together to skillfully perform Antonio Vivaldi’s hymn “Gloria.” “Every year we perform a ‘Major Work,’” choir teacher Jeff Morton said. “The ‘Gloria’...

Students stick together with community artwork (SATIRE)

December 8, 2017

A new beautification initiative has added color to HHS’ otherwise green and white visage. “Gum” covers the entirety of the HHS campus. The project, which encourages students to decorate their desks...

Pad Reputation

By Allison Moore November 6, 2017

A found-art piece on the door of the Lower B building girl’s bathroom, entitled “Women,” boldly addresses the stigma surrounding menstruation. Just as the the female figure typically depicted...

Bathroom art depicts the trials facing high school students

On-Campus Art Piece Captures the Teenage Experience (Satire)

By Allison Moore October 14, 2017

S ituated in the girl’s bathroom of the lower B Building, “I Hate Homestead” is often misinterpreted as a commonplace defacement. This is not the case. Rather, “Homestead” is a high-brow...

Cafe Stop is worth stopping by

By Tara Sohal October 13, 2017

Out of the countless times I’ve driven past the local Falafel Stop, I never fail to see the restaurant swamped with a crowd of people happily munching on or attentively waiting for their Mediterranean...

Drama Club member hides under stage staircase to scare groups walking through the house.

Haunted house’s potential not met

By Tara Sohal November 1, 2016

Screams echoed around and continued to ring through my ears as I took my first steps into the auditorium, the only light visible coming from the stage ahead. The Drama club held their annual haunted...

From Left to Right: Junior pianist Matei Predescu was honored with the Green and White award along with sophomore Matteo Muscettola, who also received a $250 scholarship to the San Jose Summer Jazz Camp. Senior Amit Kohli received The Neil Griffin Scholarship and senior Shangyu Hsu received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.

Jazz spring show, a showcase of talent

By Michael Huang June 2, 2016

I originally came to hear the highly-touted Skinny Seventh perform. What I left with amounted to much, much more. The entire jazz group, including the jazz band, jazz choir and the Skinny Seventh Ensemble,...

The Talent Among Us

By Karla Agudelo March 28, 2016

Sean Cheng Freshman Sean Cheng said he first started playing the guitar and singing for his friends and family, but did not embrace his talent until he was part of a band. Cheng said he has been playing...

Advanced Drama students express themselves

Advanced Drama students express themselves

By Mila Sviderskaya March 21, 2016

The HHS Theater department produced yet another set of performances. The Advanced Drama students acted out short scenes that were compiled into two nights of diverse acts and monologues. “Mrs. [Leslie]...

Books of 2015

Books of 2015

By Desmond Kamas February 13, 2016

Young adult literature has seen some interesting trends in 2015: the blossoming of the “teen cancer romance” genre first sparked by “The Fault in Our Stars” in 2014, the rejuvenation of space-themed...

Subani Sijapati holds luminescent powders for baking/cooking method.

Cake it up

By Karla Agudelo October 23, 2015

When asked about their opinions on makeup and the methods they use, seniors Subani Sijapati and Alexis Farias expressed seeing makeup as an art form and form of expression. Sijapati explained her knowledge...

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