Haunted house’s potential not met

The Drama club hosted their annual haunted house in the auditorium


Photo by Tara Sohal

Drama Club member hides under stage staircase to scare groups walking through the house.

By Tara Sohal

Screams echoed around and continued to ring through my ears as I took my first steps into the auditorium, the only light visible coming from the stage ahead.

The Drama club held their annual haunted house in the auditorium on Oct. 31 at lunch. There was an entrance fee of $5, and each group was presented with a tour guide to lead them around.

The tour covered most areas of the auditorium from walking through the pitch black aisles of seating, to stepping onto the stage filled with creepy human dolls and then to backstage where a variety of people in costume jumped out.

Although the eerie atmosphere of the haunted house was not completely terrifying, it was decently scary. This was primarily because of the actors and actresses that were met along the way.

Students of the Drama club remained completely in character as they continually interacted with groups roaming through the house.

With fake bloody faces and intense face paint, tied together with ripped and stained clothing, the lifelike costumes and makeup of the characters in the house were additional factors that contributed to the realism.

Although it is apparent that the club put a considerate amount of effort and time into this event, I do not think that it was advertised to its full potential and prices were overly expensive, as there was not very many people lining up to buy tickets and enter.

Overall, the Drama club did an appreciable job at creating their haunted house and it was realistic enough to give me a good spook.