Cafe Stop is worth stopping by

New restaurant replaces the beloved Dairy Belle

Out of the countless times I’ve driven past the local Falafel Stop, I never fail to see the restaurant swamped with a crowd of people happily munching on or attentively waiting for their Mediterranean food.

The popular eatery extended their food options by introducing their newest addition to their branch next door, the Cafe Stop. However, in constructing the coffee shop next to the Falafel Stop, the old and adored Dairy Belle was replaced in the process.

With a minimalistic light chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a sign clearly stating “Love Lives Here,” I immediately felt welcome in the Cafe Stop as soon as I walked through the entrance. The simple decor related aspects of the restaurant only further contributed to the clean and aesthetic environment.

The service of the restaurant was outstanding, with employees maintaining a friendly and outgoing personality and offering to answer any possible questions about products.

The Cafe Stop’s menu includes a variety of unique food items, ranging from pastries and coffee to breakfast and brunch items. However, the pastries and coffee products were limited in comparison to the other full meals offered.

My vanilla latte surprisingly came with a vanilla biscotti-like cookie, which was a delightful addition to my coffee.

The coffee shop provides a welcoming atmosphere that accommodates the products