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The Epitaph

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The Epitaph

LET EXPECTATIONS GO: Students are inevitably disappointed.

Last night was (not) a movie

By Christine Kim May 30, 2022

Growing up, I thought I knew exactly what my high school life would be like. After all, I thrived on classic pop tunes from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I distinctly remember blasting “Teenage Dream”...

WASTEFUL CULTURAL STANDARDS: The lawns that dominate much of suburban America are wasting water at a time when we can’t afford to

Wasteful lawns are hurting California’s environment

By Keshav Kumar May 25, 2022

During times of hardship, individual luxuries must often be sacrificed for the good of society. When it comes to a resource as necessary and scarce as water in California, we must be especially careful....

FOSTERING TEENAGE ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Starting a business at a young age can provide a high reward for low risk.

The perks of starting a business

By Niyatee Jain May 21, 2022

Formulating a new business concept is always an impressive feat as entrepreneurs must come up with unique ideas to intrigue consumers. However, starting a business in high school is even more remarkable,...

Holding on to the past and constantly looking to the future dissuades enjoyment of the present.

Off the record: uncover the present

By Shreya Partha May 2, 2022

It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon — the sky was a radiant blue, I had just finished most of my work for the week and I settled onto the couch to obsessively start binging another show. As I mentally...

LOWER VOTING AGE: Extending the franchise to 16-year-olds is crucial for American democracy.

The Political Arena: Extend franchise to youth

By Macy Li May 2, 2022

Voting is power. In America, we have long prided ourselves in our democracy and the opportunity to influence the laws that dictate our lives. Voting provides us with a voice — yet, in every election,...

There are a lot of things that could have gone differently throughout my high school career, but looking back, I’m grateful for the path that I did take for the experiences I acquired are irreplaceable.

Off the Record: a reflection with my 14-year-old self

By Shreya Partha April 12, 2022

Would I be able to make friends? Would people like me? Why are there so many people here?  Entering the large gym as a timid 14 year old, I had prepared myself mentally for every scenario — a few...

MAJOR STRIDE FORWARD: The fight for equal representation must continue.

Shattering glass ceilings

By Macy Li April 12, 2022

The nation watched history unfold on April 7, as the Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court in a vote of 53 to 47, according to the New York Times. This historic decision cements...

YOUTH GET INVOLVED: Members of the younger generation raise awareness for the dangers of space tourism, highlighting the importance of examining the impacts of commercialized spacelight.

Space tourism will lead to environmental disasters

By Zeinab Rakhshandehroo March 23, 2022

Ever since humans have studied space, space travel has been scientific in nature. Yet, space tourism has slowly been gaining popularity, and an industry surrounding it has emerged in recent years. Put...

MASKING THE WORLD: Lets educate students to continue to mask up,

New mask mandates provides students with freedom to make own choices

By Aiko Charon and Raymond Ranbhise March 21, 2022

FUHSD recently released a crucial announcement, stating masks would no longer be required on school grounds. In an email sent to families on March 1, the FUHSD said indoor masking requirements would be...

Physics class helps students build meaningful connections, explore vital concepts

By Olivia Shen March 14, 2022

During the springtime, all students excluding seniors undergo the process of course selection. Similar to my peers, when I was a freshman, I had the option of choosing my science class: physics or chemistry.  Like...

Finding closure within yourself is the best way to move forward in life.

Off the Record: what does it mean to find closure?

By Shreya Partha March 9, 2022

As a second semester senior, I feel like a hamster on a treadmill — constantly trying to reach an unidentifiable end and perpetually running as if I’m being chased. And while the prospect of leaving...

Accessibility of healthcare varies from race to race.

Speaking against conditional healthcare

By Gaby Cristancho and Chloe Wong March 9, 2022

Should people be denied basic human care on the basis of their race? The answer should be no, but systemic oppression creates hurdles which people of color must fight against. When a person’s skin color...

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