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The Epitaph

Independent reading in lit/writ allows students to develop the skill of visualizing a story through words.

Booking time for independent reading

By Parth Dhaulakhandi April 26, 2023

I still cannot decide if it was the best of times or the worst of times. I refer to the ninth grade literature and writing class independent reading assignment, which has the potential to either be...

Though well-intentioned,  U.S. intervention in foreign countries often severely harms innocent civilians.

Step back, please

By Zeinab Rakhshandehroo April 21, 2023

The United States has a long history of interfering with the governments of foreign countries around the world. Though often in the name of democracy, U.S. interference in foreign governments can have...

Teachers should give back assessments such as tests to students as they are crucial for a student’s education.

Higher-level learning requires giving back tests

By Mackie Vu April 4, 2023

Although tests, essays or any other form of assessment can be stressful to prepare and take for many students, I believe they are essential to our learning and growth since the knowledge I take away from...

Earthquake emergency kits are a small, but impactful way community members can prepare for an earthquake.

A groundbreaking lesson to learn from

By Zeinab Rakhshandehroo March 2, 2023

Destruction, death and despair. The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has been dominating headlines all over the world. The decimation caused by this magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale earthquake...

Many corporations are corrupting a sustainable future by deceiving consumers into thinking they are saving the environment.

The truth behind greenwashing

By Ella Chan February 7, 2023

One of the first things I do today when buying an item is look at its packaging to see if it's “clean” or eco-friendly, with extra points if it’s made from recycled materials. When customers buy...

It is vital for HHS to support seniors during the stressful college application season.

A never-ending application

By Lia Klebanov January 19, 2023

As a generation of procrastinators, we are often told how many of our problems can become stress-free if we are proactive. Normally, I would not disagree, but when it comes to college applications,...

Having time to myself allowed me to create my own schedule.

Self-pacing or self-fulfilling prophecy

By Saira Ahmed and Karuna Chandran December 20, 2022

We need to learn at our own pace Asynchronous days were everything I needed in the midst of a hectic school week during remote learning. I loved the ability to choose when I wanted to complete my work...

Students who are not fee waiver eligible are forced to pay money to every college they apply to.

The endless rabbit hole of stress and debt

By Gabriela Salazar December 17, 2022

By October, many students in their final year of high school diligently organize their personal list of colleges they plan to attend, finalizing their portfolios and resumes. Students rush into the college...

Mr. Grossman bikes alongside the students.

Don’t Strive to Drive

By Ella Chan November 26, 2022

While huge corporations largely make carbon emissions, every person has an equal responsibility to the environment, and teenagers are no exception. To combat the inevitable effects of climate change, there...

Despite mostly appealing to experienced artists, art club provides a variety of activities that may help members with varying backgrounds practice their artistic skills, Song said.

A club for all

By Patrick Hao November 8, 2022

Clubs at our school are very much a reflection of the technology hub we live in, with a diverse selection of STEM clubs ranging from pure sciences to engineering-based clubs, such as robotics. However,...

STRESSFUL STUDENT EXPECTATIONS: Teenagers are faced with unrealistic standards when choosing a career path.

Career culture adds unnecessary stress

By Veronica Zhao October 29, 2022

Instead of enjoying their fleeting childhood, teens are now faced with an impending reality--choosing a career. According to Counseling Today, career choice is a significant stressor during the development...

LET EXPECTATIONS GO: Students are inevitably disappointed.

Last night was (not) a movie

By Christine Kim May 30, 2022

Growing up, I thought I knew exactly what my high school life would be like. After all, I thrived on classic pop tunes from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I distinctly remember blasting “Teenage Dream”...

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