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Brandi Levy was unjustly suspended from her school’s cheerleading team for posting a Snapchat containing profanity.

The Court Decides: Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L.

By Ritaja Subrahmanya May 13, 2021

Last week, the Supreme Court held oral arguments for Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L., a powerful case that will decide a school’s jurisdiction on a student's off-campus speech. The case will build...

 “THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL”: Women’s experiences: results of our sexist society.

Feminist’s disclosure: the personal is political

By Leila Salam May 11, 2021

"The personal is political,” a slogan coined by feminist Carol Hanisch, was an influential symbol of  second wave feminism in the 1960s and has continued to influence feminist theorizing today, according...

WORD CHOICE MATTERS: Language used by police tells a story beyond what is explicitly said.

Language in press conference reveals anti-Asian sentiment among police

By Alyssa Zimmerman May 10, 2021

It seems obvious that something like the recent Atlanta shooting, in which a white man shot and killed eight spa-goers and employees, six of whom were Asian women, would be considered a racially motivated...

The Court Decides: Astra USA v. Santa Clara County

The Court Decides: Astra USA v. Santa Clara County

By Ritaja Subrahmanya May 6, 2021

In recent years, affordable healthcare has been widely debated among policymakers. A landmark Supreme Court decision that continues to affect hospitals is Astra USA v. Santa Clara County, which severely...

Looking back: The absence of pressures, expectations and responsibilities I enjoyed during childhood are things I miss as a high schooler.

The High Flyer: Childhood is over

By Erin Loh April 14, 2021

A few weeks ago while I was cleaning the house with my family, my mom decided to play our old “Steve Songs” CD. “Steve Songs” is my family’s name for an album of children’s songs we used to...

Facebook is unhappy with Apple's new privacy update

Facebook is unhappy with Apple’s new privacy update

By Raymond Ranbhise April 1, 2021

In a new iOS update, Apple will now ask users if they want to be tracked by apps like Facebook with a pop-up asking for permission. As you might expect, Facebook isn't happy about this.   "Apple may...

Unlike public schools, private schools can discriminate against students preventing them from receiving the education they deserve.

The Court Decides: Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue

By Ritaja Subrahmanya March 21, 2021

Private school programs and funding have long been debated in the United States. In June 2020, the Supreme Court’s decision on Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue changed the future for students...

After months of waiting, the COVID-19 vaccine has finally been authorized by the FDA and is being distributed across the country. 

71% of Americans say they will

COVID-19 vaccine won’t take us to the past

By Jack Xu March 19, 2021

After months of waiting, the COVID-19 vaccine has finally been authorized by the FDA and is being distributed across the country.  71% of Americans say they will "definitely or probably" get the vaccine...

Without immediate change such as reform to the federal gun laws, America’s legacy will continue to be filled with violence

Global Medium: Gun reform is essential to protecting students

By Saanvi Thakur March 17, 2021

Before the pandemic, going to school was a normal part of a student’s life. However, I was constantly consumed by fear every time I walked through the gates of HHS. This fear wasn’t because of a test...

Building for a better future

Building for a better future

By Saanvi Thakur March 16, 2021

Over the past year, numerous construction projects have started across campus and while they are needed, it is important to account for the environmental impact of these new buildings.  As the effects...

The Alphabet Workers Union allows Google employees to express their concerns about company policy without fearing repercussions from the tech giant.

Unions empower workers, advocate for change in the workplace

By Ritaja Subrahmanya February 12, 2021

In a historic event, employees at Google recently created the Alphabet Workers Union, the first union at a major tech company, according to ABC News. By the end of the day it was announced, the union had...

Birdwatcher Christian Cooper fell victim to Amy Cooper weaponizing her white female vulnerability against him.

Feminist’s Disclosure

By Leila Salam February 11, 2021

Most of the time, when I think of white supremacy, I picture the image of ignorant and overly masculine rage. Hoods, confederate flags — you know the deal. But often times, white supremacy is just as...

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