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The Epitaph

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The Epitaph

Many students feel unprepared to take care of themselves after graduating due to a lack of real-world skills gained from school.

Ready or not?

By Ella Chan April 20, 2024

As students toss their graduation caps into the air, they embark on a new journey into adulthood. Yet for many, the excitement of this freedom is overtaken by the harsh reality of their lack of preparation. Despite...

Consumer culture increases unhappiness in individuals, perpetuating a cycle of unnecessary spending.

Consumer culture does not achieve true happiness

By Anushruti Nagarajan April 5, 2024

Living in the populated Bay Area, I have often found myself caught up in the whirlwind of consumer culture. From flashy advertisements along every highway to the relentless pursuit of keeping up with the...

The PTSA Senior Essay Contest gives students a platform to share their opinions, promoting personal development and self-expression.

PTSA Senior Essay Contest offers winners more than money

By Alicia Liste February 24, 2024

Dollar, dollar bills may be the only thing on seniors’ minds if they consider participating in the PTSA Senior Essay Contest. Yet, the contest offers much more than just monetary benefits. Its thought-provoking...

Letter to the Editor: environmental group representative responds to district turf story

January 30, 2024

Regarding the article “FUHSD to replace turf fields districtwide” in the December 15 edition, I was thrilled to see Superintendent Clarke note that the district intends to choose an organic infill...

Certain items such as soap are essential to student well-being, yet they are frequently missing.

Missing necessities affect student comfort

By Brian Ling December 16, 2023

During long school days, there is no doubt that many students will at some point need to use the restrooms. However, whenever I use the restroom, I almost always notice something missing ranging from soap...

The border wall construction will have severe environmental consequences, such as fragmenting the habitats of endangered species.

Biden’s expansion of the Mexico border wall is unjust, hypocritical

By Zeinab Rakhshandehroo December 14, 2023

The Biden administration is extending the U.S.-Mexico border, with a new section recently approved to start construction. The project will add 20 miles to the barrier in Texas, according to NPR. This is...

 Students should be allowed to use restrooms at any time.

Let’s pass on hall passes

By Aviv Matas December 14, 2023

A big yellow toilet, a ginormous triangle ruler, a Raiders helmet and a stuffed dinosaur: these are all examples of silly hall passes teachers give students so they can go to the restroom. These passes...

Leisure can come in many different forms, from school clubs to outside hobbies, which can all help improve mental and physical health.

Leisure is not a waste

By Maya Dutt December 5, 2023

Life can feel like an endless race to get ahead. Getting into a good college, getting a good job and having a successful life are often the priorities we set for ourselves. During this race, however, we...

Class warm-ups are a crucial part of learning process

By Varun Vijay Mani December 5, 2023

During the pandemic, toggling between Zoom sessions often meant viewing a grid of pixelated faces and teachers swiftly diving into chemistry one minute and history the next. The constant shift of my attention...

While school meals might not always be appealing, sometimes it is better to refrain from expressing dissatisfaction and simply move on.

Be grateful for our privileges

By Mackie Vu December 5, 2023

Sometimes I complain about the school food we receive during brunch and lunch to my friends because most of the time, it does not match my standards. But we should not be complaining about school resources....

Art allows students to express themselves creatively and reduce stress.

PTA reflects students’ best interests

By Alicia Liste November 3, 2023

PTA’s Reflections Art Program offers a unique opportunity for all students to display their artistic talents. The contest, held annually, accepts themed entries from students from pre-K through grade...

A visit from a loved one can brighten up anyone’s day.

Taking the chance to care

By Ella Chan October 29, 2023

In the chaos of modern life, it is easy to overlook the simple and significant acts of volunteering, especially in nursing homes. However, some of my favorite memories with my mom include visiting the...

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