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Lin said he was impressed with himself after finding out he broke the three-mile record by a tenth of a second.

Senior breaks school three-mile record

By Ella Chan and Annabelle Yip October 31, 2023

Under the bright lights at the 42nd Annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classic in Irvine, one of the biggest meets in the country, senior Aaron Lin broke the school’s three-mile record with a time of 15:01.9....

Club officer junior Caleb Xiao presents a Bible study during a club meeting.

Building better bonds

By Mikhail Pilar and Annabelle Yip October 23, 2023

From Bible study presentations to small groups, Footprints club, also known as the campus Christian club, hosts a variety of activities for their club members, president, junior Angelina Cuan said.  With...

Junior Bella Castaneda said despite the importance of senior leadership in sports, in golf, skill level is more valuable.

No seniors, no problem

By Aviv Matas, Kevin Miao, and Annabelle Yip October 20, 2023

In high school sports, seniors are often the players with the most experience, who lead the rest of the team. But, for the girls golf team, this season has brought a significant change: there are no seniors...

English and drama teacher Alana Caires said she believes theater has the power to bring out a different side of people and to tell important stories in an enjoyable way.

‘Total drama geek’: Alana Caires takes the stage as new drama teacher

English teacher Alana Caires said she began her acting journey in elementary school, performing in a musical production of “Hansel and Gretel.” Now, that journey has come full circle as she takes over...

As an ASB sustainability commissioner, sophomore Aayushma Adhikari said she encourages other students to bike to school if they have the ability.

Biking toward a sustainable future

By Ella Chan and Annabelle Yip May 22, 2023

For many, getting to school every day is not something to think twice about, especially in regard to sustainability. But for some students, taking that extra step to be more environmentally conscious in...

Despite the thrilling boxing scenes and an intriguing story between the main characters, the cliché story in “Creed III” is disappointing. (Photo from IMDb)

‘Creed III’: A beautiful, predictable movie

By Annabelle Yip May 17, 2023

When “Creed III,” the third installment of the hit series, reached theaters on March 3, I was expecting to see a whirlwind of a movie, one that would captivate my attention all throughout. Much to...

Senior Victor Tsai steps up to the role of defensive specialist after a teammate was injured.

Stepping up to the net

By Ella Chan, Faith Watters, and Annabelle Yip May 15, 2023

In high school sports, injuries can hinder a team’s progress, especially when the injured player plays an integral role in the team’s success. Like many high school sports teams, our varsity boys volleyball...

The tournament allowed for new faces to show their school spirit and earn points for their class through gaming.

BOTC Mario Kart tournament takes off

By Annabelle Yip April 21, 2023

For the 2023 Battle of the Classes, ASB and esports club collaborated on the first school-wide Mario Kart tournament, inviting students to compete for points for their grade. The first three days of the...

As female officers of the esports club, Kunz, Truong and Wong hope to erase any stereotypes of what a typical gamer is supposed to be like.

Gaming sees no gender

By Annabelle Yip March 23, 2023

A member of the esports club plays League of Legends, clicking away on the controller as the game takes over their mind and they become impassioned with defeating their opponent. Taking off the headset,...

As a newly reactivated club, badminton club has seen increased student attendance at open gyms.

New blood revives badminton club

By Annabelle Yip February 28, 2023

The sound of badminton rackets and chatter fill the large gym, as the badminton club hosts an open gym. However, this would not have been the case just a few months ago.  At the beginning of the school...

Regardless of experience or skill, students attend ping pong club’s free plays to have an enjoyable time competing with each other.

Ping pong club serves up entertainment

By Annabelle Yip December 12, 2022

The sound of students’ chatter surrounds the small gym, with ping pong balls bouncing from paddle to table, as students filter in and out, challenging their friends to a match. Ever since its founding...

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