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Study boost from STEM clubs

Club officers help students review for upcoming AP exams

With the arrival of AP exams, several STEM clubs are hosting review sessions to help their members excel, biology club co-president Soham Nanawati said.

The biology club uses a mix of lectures and practice problems to help students prepare for their AP tests, Nanawati said. (Photo by Brian Ling)

Nanawati, a junior, said members of his club will receive useful tips and resources which will help maximize their scores. Additionally, Nanawati said that it is often difficult to find practice problems that mimic the difficulty of the actual AP test.

“What I’ve heard from AP Bio students is that they don’t get enough experience working with the AP test, so when they go to take it, it’ll end up being a completely new experience, and they won’t do as good on the test,” Nanwati said. “I’ve also heard that the questions that the teacher gives are sometimes even easier than the actual AP Bio questions. Our club will help them prepare for this exam in a way that the class doesn’t.”

In particular, Nanawati added that multiple-choice problem sets would be useful, as they are notoriously difficult to obtain and would greatly aid members. 

Furthermore, physics club vice president, senior Hyeyoon Song said club officers are another great resource for students to take advantage of when studying for AP exams, as they are generally well-versed in their respective subjects.

Junior Kevin Loh, who attended a review session with the biology club, said he thought the club provided him with some helpful study tools, although their pacing was a little fast.

“I thought that some of their misconceptions [reviewed] were pretty commonly known, but they are good to recall,” Loh said. “The AP FRQs were nice, although I think they could have worked through them a little more because they went through the College Board answer key, which at times is a little vague.”

Beyond that, Loh said the club’s study environment was helpful, and that the entire session had been a very interesting experience.

“If I was always practicing [with others], I don’t think I’d do very well.” Loh said. “Maybe a mix of both is the optimal way to study. But also study [the concepts] you need to strengthen.”

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